Why Do Social Media Marketers Fail?

Social Media Marketers

Everybody thinks they know social media better than everyone else. Don’t get us wrong but it is true. Some people think that simply because they are on Facebook 24/7, they know how to do social media marketing; that is not the case. Furthermore, some marketers fail to realize that social media marketing is a constantly changing art and whenever there is change, there will always be challenges along the way. Knowing these problems in social media marketing will not only help improve your social media marketing plans but also help you face ongoing challenges that may get in your way.

One of the biggest reasons why some social media marketers fail at their job is that they don’t realize that there’s so much to do at so little time. From making sure that there is good content queued up, to checking on analytics, to serving as the “onsite” customer service, there’s simply too much to do at so little time. People would always complain about being burned out from tasks such as this however it is all part of the job.

But we’re just at the tip of the iceberg here. Given that there’s so much to be done; it gets scarier when one realizes that this is just one social media platform we are talking about. Given that companies and/or businesses possibly may own more than one social media account, imagine the hassle a social media marketer has to handle. That’s why another reason why social media marketers fail is that they don’t know how to multi-task. Furthermore, social media has become unpredictable with their constant upgrades and updates and it is more than enough to keep anyone on their toes.

Speaking of social media, another reason why some social media marketers fail is that they forget that each social media platform doesn’t come with the same metrics. You’ll have to act like a detective at some point because you have to go out of your usual way (and daily schedule) to do a bit of research on what is the latest metrics for a certain social media platform. And given that social media changes every now and then, you’ll find yourself doing a lot of reconnaissance.

Sometimes, the reason why social media marketers fail is that they become “unsocial” in social media. By this, we don’t mean they hide in their cave but rather they fail to post every now and then. This can be easily remedied by re-posting and re-tweeting relevant content from time to time or by responding to followers especially when it comes to their queries.

Finally, some social media marketers fail because they treat social media marketing as a side-job and not a full time one. One should not harbor this mentality because social media is a lot of work. We’ve already mentioned that there’s too much to do at so little time and social media marketers should be aware that social media is a full time job.

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