Why Content Marketing is Important

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One of the top SEO trends that will dominate in 2015 is content marketing. It will always be part of Search Engine Optimization. While SEO can be technical, content marketing will drive more search engine rankings.

SEO and content marketing must go together. Your company must have a solid marketing strategy to be visible on the Web. Next year, your brand should do more content marketing the right way. It isn’t just about combining words together. Content marketing is all about relevance and about building trust. It isn’t about keywords. It is focused on putting your audience first.

The rise of content marketing came after the fall of mass marketing. The old marketing paradigm is to reach a wider audience. Message used to center around conformity and narrow ideals. Back then, consumers would follow and conform to what media would tell them from their image, looks, and products to use. There was widespread conformity because access to information was very limited. There was not enough variety.

So what changed? More access. More choices.

Access + choice = increased fragmentation

During the past decades, there have been changes on how consumers direct their own buying journey. Because of the advent of the Internet, people now use the search engine to gather information. About 78% of the consumers start the buying process with a web search. Fifty-percent check peer reviews and social media as well. Lastly, 70 percent of buyers read four or more reviews before making a decision.

There’s a new marketing paradigm that content is kind. It should be mapped to buyer journey.

Every consumer now looks for more data and information before making an informed decision. Some of the more relevant sources people search for now include white papers, webinars on the topic, e-books, corresponding infographics, and emails with links to assets.

Content marketing is very important in this day and age. The question now is “How can we create killer content for marketing?” We’ll discuss the topic next week.

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