White Hat Practices That You Should Use

Previously we discussed the various black hat tactics that unethical copywriters make use of when making their posts. They use these black hat tactics to boost their website’s exposure at the expense of breaking various search engine’s rules and guidelines. So today we’ll be figuring out what tactics and strategies are not against the rules of the search engines.

What is White Hat SEO

Slow and steady wins the race is the motto of the White Hat SEO copywriter. The results might not come immediately like using Black Hat SEO tactics but the results are far better in the long run.  Black hat SEO can be compared to a dirty hacksaw that gets the job done quickly but leaves a mess behind that will eventually lead to the website losing all its traffic, while white hat SEO can be compared to a clean and sterile scalpel that cuts slowly but effectively gets the job done without sacrificing the website’s future traffic.

Common White Hat Tactics To Use

You might think that black hat copywriters have better tools than white hat copywriters. This is where you’re wrong as white hat copywriters also have their own style of taking on the challenge of reaching the top of search engines.

High Quality Content

Having the best content you can put out is the first step in any white hat copywriter’s bucket list when it comes to getting their sites recognized. Having great content reduces the number of “bounces” or people immediately leaving the site. This is something that Google and many other search engines measure to see if your site is delivering quality content to your visitors. 

Focusing on Your Visitors

Google and many other search engines have cues that they follow to give your site a place on the internet. Many of these cues are leaned towards user experience. One of these is the previously mentioned bounce rate. If your site has an unusually high bounce rate, then you aren’t focusing on your visitors enough. Giving your visitors the best quality experience is one of the best tactics to use in order to slowly increase your ranking on the web. 

A few ways to make to focus in your visitor include improving your site’s UI so that it’s easier to navigate, and constantly being transparent to your users through the comment sections of your posts and even social media. 

Making Mobile A Priority

During the initial days of SEO, this was not a necessary part of any website. There wasn’t much of a need to do it as not everyone was using mobile devices. However as our mobile devices have become so much more prevalent and cheaper, targeting mobile devices when doing SEO doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea anymore. Even Google has begun focusing more on sites that provide mobile support. This comes in the form of mobile responsiveness that changes how a site looks on a computer from what it looks like on a mobile device. This makes it more user friendly and more approachable, regardless of the device is used to access your site. 

Combo With Content Marketing

Using SEO alongside good content marketing is a killer combo that’s guaranteed to help you find the sweet spot when trying to rank in any search engine. Content marketing provides the correct statistics to be used on the website while white hat SEO ensures the success and longevity of the site by making sure that it follows the guidelines of most search engines.

White hat SEO is the cornerstone of any long lasting efforts to reach the top of any search engine. You should make it a point to use it to make sure that your webpage not only reaches the top but also make sure that your website stays there with White Hat SEO.  


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