What to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency? (Part 2)


In choosing the best SEO agency, you should make sure to take your time to assess its
credibility and performance. While you’re at it, it’s better to ask more questions to have a better
understanding of what your SEO agency can offer.

Continuing from the previous post, here are some more questions recommended to ask your
potential SEO agency.

Q: “What can be expected of you in optimizing our content?”

Content is vital to the success of your company website. It is reasonable to know whether
they are going to improve your content. Make sure to also ask how they will be able do it.
You may ask things such as:

“Will you be making fresh contents for our page?”

“How much do you value content and what do you do to enhance it?”

Q: “Are you currently servicing any of our competitors?”

While having other clients in your line of work can be a plus point because it can mean that
the potential SEO agency has enough knowledge, you should also be careful.

There could be a chance that the agency working for your competitors can be paid higher by
the other companies and its services are less than what they provide to your competitor. Be
sure to dig the details.

Q: “Will you be able to guarantee that our website can be on top of Google ranking?”

This should be question to test the integrity of the agency. Any legitimate SEO agency won’t
affirm to guarantee a #1 ranking. Reaching the #1 place in Google ranking is a constant
goal. It changes every time so the efforts should be properly done continuously.

Q: “Can you describe your ideal client?”

You’ll get to see with their answers if you and the agency match. SEO agencies have
different target clients. By asking this question, you’ll know if you’re just wasting your time or

It will beneficial for both parties if you form a partnership with the right agency. The best SEO
agency may come with a price but again, as the saying goes, “Nothing worth having comes
easy.” Finally, aim for an agency with whom you’ll be able to have mutual respect and you’ll be
all set.

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