What to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency? (Part 1)


Hiring the right SEO agency can mean bringing harmony in your company website that
makes it more efficient in attaining positive results. Choosing the wrong one could be a
disaster. If you really want your business to succeed, you need to understand the
importance of hiring the best SEO agency.

“First impressions last”, as the saying goes. Unsatisfactory SEO can bring a negative
impact to your online presence. This should be highly considered because your online
credibility can be compromised.

Before you sign a contract with an SEO agency, make sure to ask these essential

Q: “How long have your business been running?”

Let’s face it. For this type of field, a long track record of successes obviously
suggests the quality of work they can provide.

Q: “Can you enumerate the solutions you can carry out for our company?”

It can be alarming if your potential SEO agency is unable to list down the services
they can provide to improve your company website.

Please note that in this business, strategies can change from time to time depending
on the trends or demands of the target audience. So, it can be a good sign if the
potential SEO agency gives only a list of services for a short phase.

Q: “How can we measure the success of your marketing strategies?”

It’s best to ask your selected SEO agency on how they assess their own
performance. Be keen in hearing their answer to this question. Make sure that they
are rating their progress appropriately.

Q: “Will you be highly available for client communication?”

Your chosen SEO doesn’t have to be near you but it should be always available for
you. You should be clear about the level of communication to expect from your SEO
agency. If there are urgent issues for your sites, it is better to have these resolved as
early as possible.

These questions are just some of the initial questions to ask your chosen SEO agency.
Find other questions to ask in the next post.

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