What SEO Trends to Expect this Year Part 2

SEO Trends

Without a doubt, the avenue of digital marketing is growing exponentially and it is not about to die out anytime soon. As the sayng goes – “change is constant.” Strategies that have worked before may not work at present.

Web activities and a digital presence across various platforms have become the norm, and these things alone cannot guarantee that you will stay ahead of your competitors. To stay ahead of the game, it is essential to know things that might unfold this year.

When it comes to voice search, even if it is relatively something new,  it has already gained enough momentum thanks to mobile devices and the rise of mobile web beating the native apps desktop search.

Voice search will continue to be popular as people can ask a question and immediately get an answer without the trouble of typing. Something to expect this year is that Google plans to add a voice recognition feature to its apps very soon. This would help increasing the volume of searching web as web search will be faster and smoother. This change is likely to have a bigger impact on users who are accessing the web from a mobile device.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has been getting more attention for some time as most often huge number of users staying live and online does not reflect in business conversion for the respective site. Because a majority of users access the web from mobile devices and simply remain online casually without actually using the sites they’ve opened, the huge difference between the traffic volume and conversion will continue.

Naturally, conversion rate optimization will be more useful to get into session data, as well as tracking events and users’ attention spans. Understanding the factors that produce higher conversion rates will help websites formulate suitable SEO plans.

Couple of years back, there has been focud on local SEO from search engines, web traffic in general and business websites trying to tap the opportunity of web to garner business output. Advanced geolocation maps have fueled this trend.

Thanks to advanced geolocation technologies,  targeting an audience using location has become a common practice for marketers.  Location will play a key role in search rankings. Moreover, voice search will add more momentum to this trend.

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