What is an Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content refers to articles, videos, photos, or other materials that can stay fresh and relevant for a long time. These contents are not time-sensitive which means that they do not depend on a particular current event. Also, people consistently read or watch them, which means a stable stream of visitors on your website or social media page. 

Why do you need one?

It is common to see content producers create a campaign that is timely and relevant. These posts get lots of attention because they are the current talk of the town. But, once the issue they relate to is gone, the content is no longer read or watched by the audience. 

If you wish to grow your website or your social media, you have to create evergreen content from time to time. You get to earn profit and exposure from them months or even years after their creation.


There are different types of evergreen content. Some of the common examples include reviews, listicles, purchase guides, how-to guides, tips, and Q&As. When producing them, avoid including recent news, trends, popular culture, or statistical data. The trends and data you are using today might not hold true in the coming weeks or months. 

Why it works

Evergreen content can help your business grow. It does so by increasing your rank on popular search engines. Because it is not time-based, this type of content will always be relevant and can work its way up to popular searches. When your content ranks high on search engines, it can send a lot of traffic to your page.

How to write one

You should satisfy two requirements before you start writing evergreen content. One is that the topic should be relevant and pass the test of time. The other is that the topic should be relevant to your specific business and trade. 

After knowing the particular topics, remember to write the content with the intention that it should be timeless. To do this, make sure to not include any time-sensitive content. For example, “The Best Car Brands in 2021” is not good evergreen content because the article would be tied to a specific year. 

Also, do not forget to follow the fundamentals of online writing. Your writing should be crisp, engaging, credible, and well-written. Even though you have perfectly chosen the right topics and the specific content for them, you can only get avid readers and visitors if your articles are professional and provide the necessary information they want.

Refreshing evergreen content

Some evergreen content stays relevant for a long amount of time with little to no revisions. This could be because there are no updates on a particular topic. However, some evergreen content needs to be refreshed to keep it from being outdated by recent updates such as new studies, more credible sources, and fresh media.

You do not need to overhaul and write a whole new article. Refreshing evergreen content just means removing outdated information and adding new features to make it more relevant and factual.

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