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What kind of websites do we create?


Professional website design services can save a company a lot of time and money when done right the first time. Our experienced and highly creative team stays up to date on the latest website developments. All of our websites are built with SEO in the back-end and are easily updated-able so they deliver top search rankings.

  • Website Redesigns

  • Unique Website Designs

  • Responsive Websites

  • Content Management System (CMS) Websites

  • Landing Pages

  • Mobile Websites

  • E-commerce Websites

We always learning new technologies to better serve our clients.

Technology Icons   After Effects          OIR-final-design_10   PHP 4 & 5               OIR-final-design_051   Zencart

OIR-final-design_22   Flash                     OIR-final-design_21   Photoshop               OIR-final-design_20   WordPress

OIR-final-design_29   InDesign               OIR-final-design_28   Dreamweaver          OIR-final-design_27   Drupal

OIR-final-design_34   HTML 5                 OIR-final-design_36   Illustrator                OIR-final-design_33   Joomla

OIR-final-design_42   mySQL                  OIR-final-design_43   CSS 3                       OIR-final-design_41   Memberclicks

OIR-final-design_07   Tradeonly             OIR-final-design_19   Bigcommerce

  • RESEARCH: Sit down and understand how your business will best utilize a website for sales conversions.
  • STRATEGIZE: Present a custom website strategy for evaluation and approval with visual mockups
  • REFINE: Select all technologies and further refine the website design and sitemap for project progress.
  • DEVELOP: Collaborate on content production and start the coding process on all final web page designs.
  • LAUNCH: Plug in content and run the website through a multitude of tests before sharing with the world.
  • SUPPORT: Start a website maintenance plan to continuously improve website standings and content updates.

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Standard Website Features

Target Conversion Rates

Our team of developers and consultants work with you to create a powerful layout design that stands apart from your online competition and turns your online visitors into returning business patrons.

Always User-friendly Designs

We design websites that are easy to navigate so your online visitors will love will stay on your website longer and will return for future visits.

Custom Contact & Opt-in Forms

We implement custom online forms throughout your website to generate interest and to capture your online visitor’s information for maximum customer conversions.

Visitor Tracking Analytics

We integrate the latest visitor tracking software and analytics to keep track of your website and marketing success and to know where to make adjustments.

Unique Graphic Design Work

Powerful visuals can further your company brand and captivate your audience. Our design team is very talented and can create the visual materials needed to make your website visually impactful.

Blog Setup

We advise businesses to implement blogs to help with the search engine rankings and to keep your customers interested and returning for good information.

Social Media Connections

We place social media links, buttons, and/or widgets on your website to keep you engaged with your customers and to encourage them to connect with your business.

Sitemap Submission

We create a sitemap on your business website for top search engine rankings and to allow your online visitors to easily find specific web pages at a glance.

Standard Website Sizes

Static Website

  • 5-10 Pages
  • 1 mockup
  • 3 revisions
  • contact form
  • social media integration
  • on-page SEO

Small CMS

  • 10-15 Pages
  • 2 mockups
  • 3 revisions
  • 2 forms
  • social media integration
  • on-page SEO

Medium CMS

  • 15-25 Pages
  • 3 mockups
  • 3 revisions
  • on-site SEO
  • 10 custom images
  • Blog setup

Large CMS

  • 25+ Pages
  • 4 mockups
  • 4 revisions
  • 10-15 custom graphics
  • 5 Image Slidershow header
  • On-page SEO


  • Shopping Website
  • Unlimited products & categories
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Product Search
  • Paypal Links
  • Database Setup