Web Development Trends of 2015

Web Development

As SEO trends evolve each passing month, so do web development trends, and it is highly important for any web developer, seasoned or not, to be constantly informed and be flexible to any changes that may happen in the year. To help web developers, we collated some of the most important and possible web development trends for the year 2015.

Last summer, Google rolled out its new algorithm wherein websites that are mobile-friendly will be given better search engine rankings than those that are not optimized. One of the pre-requisites is to have a responsive design. But that is not going to stop on mobile websites but it will also have to extend to accommodate wearable technology such as Apple Watch, Google Glass and Oculus Rift. That’s why it is important to have a responsive design so it could accommodate any screen regardless of size or shape.

In relation to this, single page designs are becoming a hot trend wherein users would like to be informed without being redirected too much. Combine this with your responsive design and you have a website worth following. Also, if you are considering single page designs, you might want to think about long scrolling sites where not only can you place a lot of information without overdoing it but you could also make it as presentable as possible without the hassle of redirecting users. If this is not your entire peg, then implementing a split screen type of layout might be the one for you. Not only will it make your page look organized but it will also allow you to create a better comparison presentation between two products.

Other web development trends that seem to be taking 2015 by storm are long visual headers and content that tells a story. These are visually appealing and it also helps keep your audience hooked and looking for more.

Another trend that is on the rise is Web UI components. Examples of these are Polymer and ReactJS. The reason behind this trend is because these are more dynamic and are reusable components. Furthermore, the framework allows web developers to create client-friendly applications as well as create responsive designs for mobile users.

In relation to that, Web APIs are also on the rise with many websites already utilizing such method because the single codebase makes things easier to maintain. Following close behind are the new JavaScript features which are designed to make web browsing easier, faster and more capable than before. Furthermore the HTML5 JavaScript APIs are specially meant to have better support for iOS and Android users.

Finally, we have what we call the Internet of Things or IoT wherein users are able to have more interaction with the objects around them, be it their cars or their television sets. The growing trend is now expanding to regular everyday objects bringing users ever closer to the World Wide Web. This may be a young idea as it had just started out on wearable technology but it is a growing web development trend and if you want to go beyond your comfort zone then this area is something worth trying out.

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