Web Design Tools Every Web Developer Should Die For

Web Design Tools

Web designers everywhere, listen up! If you want your web development schemes to go smoothly, being constantly updated with the latest tools is a must. Not a need, a MUST. Photoshop may have dominated the design arena for a few years now however, as the years pass by, more and more tools are introduced that are either at par or superior to Photoshop, and which makes the designer’s life a whole lot easier. However, with so many tools in the market, it’s hard to decide on what tools are the creams of the crop.

So here are a couple of highly recommended web design tools you must have in your arsenal. Take note that some of these may work for your web design ides while some may not so in the end, it is up to you whether you will utilize the tools or not.

For iOS and Android app makers, one of the most highly recommended tools is Pixate. Not only is it a tool that helps create interactive applications for both operating systems, it also has a nifty system namely the drag-and-drop animation and the interaction panel.  Furthermore, it allows you to create an asset library fast and easy with just the drag and drop functions. It’s simple and easy.

If you are always making vectors, a recommended design tool is Affinity by Serif and looking at its features, no wonder it’s been called a “Photoshop Killer”. It’s most defined feature is its nondestructive layers wherein you can adjust vectors and images without damaging them. Also, its 1,000,000% zoom and history feature is a life saver and a handy tool for those vector artists.

If you’re looking for a handy tool to help you make those highly needed responsive website designs then check out Antetype. It is a nifty tool to create high-fidelity prototypes which makes things easier to use. Given that full attention must be diverted to responsive designs, creating good prototypes is a crucial step in producing quality website designs. Another tool is Macaw. What sets it apart from other design tools is that it allows you to create responsive designs compatible with all devices without messing up with your code. Furthermore, its design is highly simple and easy to navigate into. Another alternative is Webflow which also a tool that focuses on design without you worrying much about coding.

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