Types of Content to Boost Your Business: Part 2


If you already have blogs and videos hanging around in your website and you are still
looking for other ways to increase your website’s performance, here are other content
formats to consider.


Infographics are also among the most frequently shared content online. Along with
videos, infographics can also present information in an easier, visual way. Usually, if
you are going to present facts or ideas with a lot of numbers or statistics, infographics
can be the most efficient option.

Infographics can present complex information in a visually appealing way that can make
it be easily retained by the audience. Sharing this type of content is simpler in any


 It is important to get the right graphic elements in your infographics.

 The more attractive it is, the better.

 The information should be interesting and reliable.


The original information you can get from surveys makes this type content stand out
from all others. Being able to gather original data from surveys makes you a main
source. When you’re a main source, you’ll get cited more frequently.

Getting cited is a plus for your brand. It will earn you more exposure and referral traffic
that can positively affect your business.


 See to it that your topics covered by your survey are relevant to your business.

 You might consider asking questions that will give interesting answers. Don’t be

 The best audience to have are bloggers, authors and journalists. They’ll likely
share your links.

 The results of your survey should be easy to analyze.

 Keep the survey short so the respondents will be willing to finish it.

You now understand the most popular and inviting types of contents for your website. Are you
still having problems with your content marketing strategy? Good thing we at Online Internet
Results can provide all the solutions you’ll need for your business.

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