Types of Content to Boost Your Business: Part 1

Types of Content

Nowadays, everyone would have to agree that content marketing is key in promoting
your business and generating more leads. In the recent years, it has quickly evolved
from just being a marketing tool into a marketing standard.

It can be safe to say that deciding to invest in content marketing can be a really wise
decision. We have put together a list of the most engaging types of content that can
definitely earn links and gain better ROI.


Placing number one in this list is none other than blog posts. Blogging is unquestionably
the most popular type of content marketing especially for businesses. The reason
behind it is because blogging is an effective way to improve SEO and garner higher
traffic to your site.

Aside from improving your SEO, blogging can also build ‘relationships’ with your current
and future customers. They will more likely subscribe to your website when they are
getting valuable content from your blogs.


 Strategize the topics you’ll be covering in your blog.

 Make sure to research on the trending keywords in search engines.

 Always be updated on the relevant topics that could improve your brand.


One of best and fastest ways to get the attention of your audience is by uploading
videos in your website. It is nearly impossible for visitors to ignore videos posted in a

Statistically, a third of all online activities is spent on watching video contents. Video
contents increase the organic traffic from search engines. Also, videos extend
significantly the time spent on a website. These facts make valuable video content a
powerful content format.


 Consider the topics and the types of content that can attract your target audience
the most.

 Improve brand awareness by making your videos short and appealing.

 Consider having product demonstration or “How-to” videos as these are the
some of the commonly searched keywords.

 Make sure to use eye-catching tags or captions in your video.

Now you know two of the most effective content formats to consider for your content
marketing campaign. Check out some more with the other types of contents in the
succeeding post.

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