Turn Temporary Visitors into Long-Time Buyers with Email Lists

Did you know that you’re wasting one of your most important assets? If you are a typical website owner or a small business with a website, you are wasting one of your most important assets. The reality is that most of the traffic that goes to your website is temporary. Most of the people will never come back for a variety of reasons. It is therefore very important for you to hang-on to that traffic as much as possible. How do you do that? Simple. You build a mailing list. When you create a mailing list, you’d turn otherwise temporary traffic into a pool of potential permanent buyers. They might not buy immediately, but at least you get an opportunity to talk to them and message them because they give you permission to email them this is a powerful device that sadly many small businesses with websites fail to use. Here are some of the reasons why you need to build a mailing list.

Most Traffic to Your Site is Temporary

As mentioned above, most of the traffic that goes to your website is temporary. People might find you through search engines. People might find you through social media websites. Regardless of how they find you, chances are they’re not going to stay on your side permanently. They’re going to leave. Most people don’t do anything on the website. They don’t buy anything. They don’t make a phone call. They don’t email you. They just leave. This is very important to know. You need to convert as much of that temporary traffic into mailing list members. Why? If you have them on your mailing list, you can then send them an email in the future.

Get a Chance to Engage Your Visitors Over the Long Hall

When somebody enters their email address on your email collection form, they are basically giving you permission to talk to them. This is a very powerful marketing advantage. Your competitors don’t have this unless they have mailing list as well. When somebody gives you permission to talk to them, you can then send them a series of emails or you can send emails periodically. Regardless, you get the legal right to talk to them. The email that you send can have discount codes regarding promotional sales that you may be having, the email you sent them might also have links to affiliate programs where you can get paid. Regardless, you are in full control over the emails you send. This is why it’s very important that you build a mailing list and get as many people to sign up to your mailing list.

Upsell Your List to Specific Opportunities

Once you have many people on your mailing list, you could then send them marketing messages. These messages can tell them about special sales or promotional programs that your business is holding. You could invite them to special events at your business. More importantly, you can send them links to products that will pay you money. These are affiliate programs. When you do this, you’re upselling your mailing list. You can turn your mailing into cash if you do enough upselling. There are many online businesses that make hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year just by upselling their mailing list. That’s how powerful a mailing list is.

Make no mistake about it, if you’re not collecting emails with your website, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Turn your temporary website visitors into long time buyers starting today by installing an email collection program.

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