TOP 8 SEO Trends Ruling in 2014

We shared with you the new SEO Trends earlier this year. We’re now on the second half of 2014 and we’ve observed some more changes within the Internet marketing industry. We took note of content marketing getting bigger and more helpful this year that is why our clients now have regularly updated blogs.

Blogging is beneficial and we’ve even listed 11 Reasons Why Blogging is Important For Your Business.

We’ve rounded up Top SEO Trends in 2014 that can help businesses like yours win the traffic game.


    1. GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP. This is quite new but it seems to be gaining importance as companies compete for traffic. As defined, it is a way to link content you wrote with a Google+ profile. This shows your image profile appearing next to your content in Google’s search engine results. We’re talking about Google Author Rank and Authorship. More information on Authorship HERE.And yes, use your Google+. Google wants you to.


    1. SOCIAL MEDIA STILL PLAYS A BIG ROLE IN TRAFFIC REFERRALS. Social media is here to say, at least, until the next big trend and technology in SEO and Internet marketing comes along. Social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram all play a big part in content dissemination and traffic referral. These posts are also indexed and found on the SERPs (search engine results pages).Facebook is still the top social network driving 21.25% of all traffic sites received last year. Interestingly, Pinterest is number 2 with seven percent (7%) of all website traffic beating Twitter at 3rd place and with only a one percent share.Social media is a fast way to share content and increase site traffic. Right now, it is the quickest way to share information. Just post a photo on Pinteresst, a status on Facebook, or share a link on Twitter and hundreds to thousands of people will be able to see what you have to say.


    1. GUEST BLOGGING HAS CHANGED. Some say that guest blogging will be done this year and will have little value. With guest blogging, anyone can easily build links, credibility, and brand authority. It’s easy to do but it can also be a source of spamming. What should be eliminated this year is bad guest blogging.Guests blogging still matters this 2014 if content is excellent and will benefit a lot of people. Inbound links still count.


    1. CONTENT MARKETING MATTERS. Social media is easy to do to get quick traffic referral but it will not matter if content is useless. A lot of companies now are focusing on ‘content marketing’ as part of their SEO strategy.Content is still King. No, not spammy, keyword-rich pages. People and search engines know how to determine if a page offers helpful information.High quality content with the right keywords still matter.  But please, no more spam please. Naturally written content with the purpose of informing and not ‘spamming’ or sole ‘optimizing’ is very much appreciated.


    1. DEMAND FOR SEO INCREASES. You think SEO no longer matters? It will always matter. In fact, more companies are expected to use SEO more as competition to get on the first page of search engine becomes tougher.Majority of business are already using content marketing. There is an increase in competition so there is no reason for any business, big or small, to drop the strategy. Change in focus may be seen but SEO is here to stay.


    1. SEO BECOMES MORE EXPENSIVE. Because SEO still matters and content marketing is more beneficial, SEO services will be more expensive than ever. There’s a shift in focus on producing more high quality content that will drive traffic as part of inbound marketing.Companies should invest in content creation by hiring good writers and bloggers who can draw quality (not spammy) content tailor-fit to the business and can do relevant link-building. More time will be spent on research, content creation, and sharing links that matter.


    1. GO MOBILE. About 68 percent of search engine queries come from mobiles devices. More and more people are relying on their smartphones and tablets than their laptops or desktop PCs. We’re not yet in the Post PC era but businesses are also called to ‘Go mobile’.Websites should have a mobile version for easy viewing. Go for a ‘responsive design’. If you can afford it, have a special mobile app developed just for your business.


    1. CREATIVITY. Competition is fierce and the only thing to do is for you to be more creative. Incorporate traditional marketing with Internet marketing. Go all out in planning your advertising and marketing strategies as more competitors are coming out doing the same thing.Boost online brand awareness by becoming unique yet creative. A good marketing strategy grabs the attention of the audience. Stand out from the crowd.

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