Tips on How to Get on The First Pages of Google

Do you go to the second page of Google to look for information? Not usually, right? It’s because the information you need (or want) is already on the first page. And that is why it’s very crucial to get on Google’s first page if you want your website to be recognized.

Getting on Google’s First Page 

Doing business online means that you want to get as much engagement and traffic that you can get. And by being on Google’s first page is one way to get that. Google has a powerful system in which they can determine positive and negative feedback and if your content is useful and relevant. With this kind of powerful system, you might think that getting your content on the first page might be unreachable. But, this system is what makes it all the more possible. You’re asking how? Below, we have listed a few tips and tricks to help you get on Google’s first page.

Tips to Get on Google’s First Page

Google priorities quality rather than quantity, hence their powerful system. Which is why sometimes, larger corporations don’t get on the first page. Many variables influence Google’s algorithm, and since Google’s results page contains several different elements, different social media platforms will attain first-page ranking.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO entails putting high-quality material on your website that includes your target search words; this serves as a signal to Google to associate your platform with those terms. You will also boost your ranking by improving your page more often and adding backlinks – just don’t be tempted to ‘buy ties’ by paying people to link to you, as this is a major mistake.


You should be able to determine your keywords because the best keywords for your business are ones that your potential customers use to find the services and goods they need. They’re important for you as a business if you want your potential audience to be able to find what they are looking for. 

Write for Humans

Writing for humans is very important because when you don’t write for humans, you tend to add your keywords excessively and Google can detect that as keyword stuffing. Your content should be made for your audience and not only because you want to be on Google’s first page (though that is also important). Insert your keywords as naturally as possible and should not be used excessively. 

The trick to ranking on Google’s first page is to have helpful, trustworthy, easy-to-read, yet insightful content that keeps your audience on your sites and returning for more. Give more information rather than keywords. 

Mobile-First Mindset

To get on Google’s first page, you have to have a “mobile-first” mindset. Why? It is because many people use their mobile devices more than their laptops or other gadgets. And with the increase of mobile users, Google has switched to a mobile-first index. A “mobile-unfriendly” can negatively impact your website and your ranking on both mobile and desktop devices. 

Final Thoughts

Getting on Google’s first page isn’t easy. It takes time, patience, and hard work and it is unrealistic to expect to get on there overnight. Though, getting there is not impossible. Getting to the top and raising your rank is doable in the sense that you’ll be doing well on your content. And by learning where and how to make changes, you will give your business the exposure it needs.

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