Tips on How to Diversify Online Content

People are spending so much time on social media higher than in the past few years. In fact, the restrictions of the pandemic have doubled the time spent by people on social media. This meant then that content creators must constantly find ways on how to come up with diverse content that is new and entertaining to their target audience. 

1. In terms of reading

Contrary to popular belief, reading is still popular among online users. It is just that they are reading a different type of content than usual. Netizens prefer easily understood and digested content. Instead of giving them long complicated essays, you have to give them information clearly and quickly. 

To diversify your content, create blog-type articles that simplify complex topics. Present seemingly difficult information in a way that everyone can understand. Make sure that the language you are using can reach all ages, educational levels, and economic backgrounds.

2. In terms of looking

Today, it is not enough that you publish an article. Your posts must be accompanied by compelling visuals. When it comes to visuals, you may use photos, videos, gifs, or other graphics. Feel free to play around because choosing the right visual may set you apart from your competition.

3. In terms of watching

Videos are a visual and dynamic medium that are powerful tools to convey information, stimulate emotions, and influence opinions. Making videos on any topic is now also accessible to many people. A few simple minimum requirements that you would need to start creating video content are a camera, which you can find on smartphones; a video editing software, that can come free with any operating system; and a good script for your content.

No matter which platform you are using for your website, you can easily upload videos because almost every platform has upgraded its video capabilities. You can also upload on YouTube or Vimeo, and just link the videos to your website using a URL. 

4. In terms of listening

Podcasts have been increasing in popularity in the past decades as a new medium for information, discussion, and debates. It has been a popular choice for some web pages, complemented with a written script uploaded on the page, so that your page visitors can follow the discussion intently.

One feature of podcasts that can help you diversify content is that they can be episodic. You can have one series of podcasts that talks about one unifying theme. According to, there are an estimated 120 million podcasts listeners in 2021, and it is projected to grow in the coming years. 

5. Embracing new trends

Look out for new trends and updates. From time to time, try to jump on the bandwagon and use pop media to reach more audiences. For example, if you see more websites using a specific type of writing, try to emulate it once and see if it increased your engagement. 

You can also experiment with your content. Be a trailblazer. Craft your own style and do not be shy about it. Your viewers will appreciate innovation.

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