The Most Effective Tactics to Boost Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Why Every Business Needs Social Media Presence

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media platforms have become part of most people’s daily routines. Today, more and more people have becoming dependent and getting hooked up with social media. Did you know that social media takes around five years and four months of our lifetime? And that’s only a rough estimate!   

At this rate, the social media is definitely the place to be if you want to reach out to your customers, increase brand awareness and boost your sales. With a whopping 3 billion users all over the world in each month, you need to act fast and catch up.

Building an effective social media strategy would help your business grow by giving you the platform to show your brand’s worth and create lasting relationships with customers and prospects.

How can your business get noticed on social media?

Are you getting enough likes, shares or retweets? It may be challenging to stand out in all the information you can find on social media, but it is possible. Keep reading and discover some ideas that can help in reinventing your strategies for your social media campaign.  

1. Define your goals.

Before you carry out your marketing tactics, you first need to set clear goals. Who are your target audience? What values do you want others to see in your brand? Will you be needing to outsource to digital marketing specialists? List these things down so you can plan accordingly and assess your progress later on. Without a predefined set of goals, you may get lost in the process and end up not achieving anything.

2. Choose the right networks.

Knowing which social platform would benefit your brand the most is one of the first steps when trying to build up your social media presence. There are so many social channels out there today, for you to be able to be in all of them. Doing that would be impractical on your end.

Choosing the right networks will be dependent on your target audience and your goals. You may want to start small and maintain one or two channels first. As you get your desired results, you’ll be able to expand and branch out to other social media platforms smoothly.


3. Don’t just promote, listen to your audience.

With social media, you get a chance to communicate and engage with your customers. Make the most out of it. By coming off as a company that has no other intention but to promote their brand, services and products, you don’t get to understand what your customer wants and how to make them trust you.

The more human you are, the better.


4. Be mindful of your audience when creating content.

Get to know your audience. What are they really after? What interests them? Gather those for them. Don’t just focus on what you’re selling. Focus on them. Just make sure that you create high-quality, relevant and other visual content. It’s worth noting that more people today appreciate visual contents such as video and images.


  1. Connect with your audience.

Aside from creating valuable content, you also need to be able to connect to your customers. This way, you can build and gain strong relationships with your customers.

Here are some ways you can connect with your audiences::

  • Comment back on posts.
  • Answer their queries appropriately.
  • Share more relevant information.
  • Deal with all the complaints and suggestions.
  • Show appreciation to customers.

6. Watch out for the newest trends.

In order to catch the attention of the majority, you will have to keep an eye and keep up with what’s viral and trending. Finding ways to stay updated with the current trends can make you more ‘relatable’ to a wider range of audience, thus boosting your engagement with your customers.


7. Consistency is key.

Even if you don’t see much results right now, always believe that it will get better. If you have set a schedule, you need to stick with it. Constantly maintaining your presence greatly helps in brand building and recognition. See to it that you’re consistent in showing your brand and image. In order to do this, you may want to limit the people responsible in sharing and posting on your social media site.

8. Keep tabs on your progress.

With everything that’s happening on social media, it is important to have a reliable and up-to-date tracker for your progress. Your relationship with your customers in social media means a lot to your business. Are you making more connections and relationships? How much traffic is coming in? Monitoring your progress enables you to come up with the right set of marketing tactics.

  1. Continue working on giving people more reasons to follow you.

Aside from interesting content, you can also share with your followers offers, freebies, discounts and other amusing yet relevant information which gives them more reasons to continue following you. Make it a point to post different types of content on a regular basis.

Also, customers are more likely be following a social media account with which they feel connected to. Whenever people interact with you, make sure you’re able to respond as quick as possible. You can make use of applications and computer programs such as a Chatbot for better customer experience.

Above all, keeping your customers happy online and offline would make your brand a hit.  

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