The Different Types of Digital Marketing Available to Businesses

Digital marketing or marketing on the internet is a great strategy to improve awareness about your brand. This is because of the wide reach of the internet. You’ll be able to advertise your products and services to millions of people across the globe. But did you know that you can break down digital marketing into a number of categories?

Digital Marketing Types You Should Know About

You might be wondering why you would want to break down digital marketing into a number of different categories. The answer is simple. Each category has their own unique strategies that not all businesses will be able to implement or are simply not necessary for their growth. You will have an easier time managing your online presence if you can figure out which of these digital marketing types work for you and your business. So we’ll be exploring these types of digital marketing today to make sure you can make that choice.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most prominent features of the internet is its ability to connect people from across the world. Friends and family can easily share their memories, and experiences with each other through it. And the most used place to do it is on social media. Businesses have also started noticing the power of social media.


Digital marketing on social media is one of the most personal when it comes to doing it right. You have to ensure that you create a connection with your customers to keep them coming back.

Email Marketing

Email was one of the earliest forms of global communication through the internet. You simply need to have an email address and people will be able to send you messages through that address. This is also where many businesses started marketing their products online. Despite being one of the older forms of communication, it is still a strong staple for businesses to use it to send advertisements or ads. 

Paid Ads or Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Paid ads or Pay-Per-Click marketing is one of the more expensive tools when it comes to boosting your business online. This is because you pay search engines to display your site at the top of search results when a certain term is searched for. Despite the expense involved, it is one of the best ways to quickly get traffic for your business because of how prominent it is on the front page.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the easier and cheaper types of digital marketing because of how you only need a website to get started. In this type of digital marketing, you or someone you hire will create content that will be able to attract your target audience. Unlike PPC marketing, you’re at the mercy of the various search engines that index your site. So you have to make sure that you appeal to both your target audience and the search engines. 

Affiliate or Guest Marketing

Affiliate or guest marketing is similar to content marketing in its style of attracting new customers. However, instead of creating content for your own site or business, you will be creating content for another person’s or group’s site or business. At first glance this might not be such a good idea, however it is a great way to tap into another business’ audience.

You will be creating content that will have links that lead back to your own site. Not only does this expose your business to another person’s audience, it also creates great business ties that you can take advantage of.

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