The Common Misconceptions about SEO that can Hurt Your Business


As digital marketers, we are all aware of how important search engine optimization
(SEO) is. It can generally determine the ranking of your website and the overall success
of your digital marketing.

With this, it is safe to say that SEO should be an integral part of every digital marketing
strategy and campaign. However, business owners may not be able to understand it

SEO constantly evolves that even the professionals can’t even stand the pace. Here are
some common misconceptions about SEO that you can probably relate to.
There is a finish line with SEO.

Many business owners think that when their business websites finally get high ranks
then SEO will no longer be needed. This way of thinking should be stopped now.

SEO is not a one-time-only thing. It is a continued process. The accomplishment you
can get with SEO can be limitless. When you think of it as a commitment, it turns into
a really excellent investment.

SEO is built around keywords and links.

While keywords and links are highly important in SEO, these are not the only factors
that take part in it. Web design and online reputation also matter.

The number of publications, the better.

While the quantity of posts can affect your business as well, you need to be certain
that these posts can do good for your business and not just there for display. If you
continue on prioritizing the quantity over quality, your page visitors can think that all
your contents are no-good.

Your ranking is all that matters.

Yes, a good ranking is good. However, there are other things to consider to evaluate
your digital marketing performance. You need to be able to precisely measure the
growth of organic search traffic and conversions.

Search engine optimization plays a crucial part in digital marketing. Businesses should
be aware of the practices that are needed to be done in order to help their SEO.

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