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Social Media Setup

Our Social Media Philosophy

The Internet is all about communication. If you do not guide the online discussion about your company – somebody else will. Let’s move the discussion towards your target customers.The rise of Social Media has changed the way in which people fundamentally communicate and is becoming an even greater factor for overall Search Engine Optimization. Google and Bing are taking into account tweets, likes, shares, and the overall “social authority” of users in their search algorithms for search engine rankings. A solid Social Media & Lead Generation strategy is now more important than ever for online success.

Social Media, if used incorrectly can suck up your time and leave your with a minimal ROI. That’s why our social media services always come from an SEO and lead generation perspective: let’s use social media to drive business and new customers.

Our Goals

To be your ever-watchful social media & lead generation strategist

Guide you on top social media recommendations for your industry

Maintain your weekly social media needs at the level you can afford

Expand your brand awareness and social networking reach online

Monitor daily your social media mentions and general dialogues

Perform Social Media Optimization that works with your SEO efforts

Create custom Social Media workplace strategies for your employees

Implement unique lead generating efforts to drive in more customers

Social Media Setup & Optimization

New and old businesses alike need to consistently use social media in today’s digital age to reach out to existing and potential customers. Setting ups social media profiles can take time and are very detail focused. Have our company brand your profiles with the proper graphics, input the correct data, and let us make our top recommendations for which social media accounts you should focus your efforts. Facebook customization includes custom designs: layouts, banners, posters, and call to action buttons.

We can also customize Twitter and Youtube profiles for maximum social media branding. Our graphic design professionals can create branding materials to place in these social media profiles or we can use your pre-existing branding materials, such as your logo, preferred background images, buttons, etc.

Social Media Employee Guideline Development

Social Media is a very powerful method of reaching out, engaging, and maintaining a dialogue with your customers about your company. In fact, social media has now a mandatory place in many companies’ marketing strategies and is rapidly at the forefront as an essential tool in networking, branding, communication, sales, and research.

We are passionate about empowering you and your employees to use the right social media techniques and platforms for maximum results. Social Media is a great tool to get feedback from your customers. This customer feedback is invaluable to your company reputation: to know what your company is doing right or wrong and to make the appropriate corrections.

Let us create a custom social media strategy and employee guidelines for your company workplace. Considerations like privacy concerns, posting policies, customer service outreach, company branding, sharing company news, and overall social media network growth strategies are included in our custom proposals.

Social Media Maintenance

Here at Online Internet Results, we always keep one eye on optimization and the other on a complete social media plan: we take care of the month-to-month maintenance of tweeting, posting, and sharing content with our monthly social media maintenance program.

We use a combination of social media and online marketing techniques to create a unique social media strategy for your business and industry. We always use social media as a method to further enhance your SEO, website standings, and promoting your product or service. Many business owners choose our holistic approach to social media so that they can run their business and leave the tweeting to our passionate social media experts.

We can perform as much or as little social media as your budget allows. Without a commitment to social media — at least 2 hours dedicated a week — your business will not effectively reach out to your potential customers, contribute to SEO rankings, nor local listing placements. We recommend that all businesses invest their marketing efforts into ongoing social media t to keep all posts relevant, consistent, and focused on SEO and network targeting.

Our monthly Social Media Maintenance packages are priced according to budget and can include:

Custom graphic and branding creation

Facebook application development (Coupons, quiz, triva, slideshow, etc.)

Facebook Contest Development and Promotion

Twitter Contest Development and Promotion

Facebook and Twitter Ad Management

Google Authorship Building

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