Social Media Marketing Solutions for Small Business

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Social media marketing is one of the front runners in promoting one’s business. Using social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, they ensure that your voice could be heard and could be found by your target market. You could say that their functions are almost similar to blog marketers wherein they ensure that you could be seen – the only difference is the platform.

There are also a variety of marketing solutions that could help social media marketers improve their reach. Some are specific tools designed for one type of social media while others are cross platforms. One example is SocialCentiv which is a Twitter-centric social media tool. This tool allows small businesses to look into Twitter for potential customers. If you are unsure on how this would work for your social media marketing strategy, they also provide a free 7-day trial. Another social media specific tool is gShift which is used for Twitter mining and monitors data such as hashtags, keywords and other relevant data in Twitter.

Other tools such as Sparksfly, Sociota and Yodle allow social media marketers to update multiple platforms in just one click. This allows marketers less time wasted on copy-pasting content when it can be published all at the same time.

Other tools enable users to integrate social media into their websites instead of redirecting users. One of these tools is Pushup Social. What’s great about this tool is that it allows users to be engaged with your business without sending them off on multiple windows and multiple social media accounts. Furthermore, they also allows business owners more control on their analytics and revenue. The first 500 social network members are free but for each additional member, it is up to $49 a month.

Some tools are used to help business owners get engaged with their target market. An example of this is Engagor. This tool is known to help businesses get in touch with their clients in real time as well as allows one to monitor how well their products fare in the market and against competitors. It also helps keep track with conversations and client demographics to help make service better. There are three types of Engagor namely Basic, which is $500 a month, Professional ($1500 a month), and Enterprise ($3000 a month). But if you’re not yet willing to shell out money to try it out, they also offer a trial period.

Another engagement tool is This tool allows businesses to track on how they are faring in the market by looking into social media posts of their clients. Some also use it to know customer satisfaction. What’s great about this is that it allows you to send thank you messages or responses to the said points.

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