SEO Tips and Tricks for New Website Owners

SEO Tips and Tricks

So we heard you’re a new website owner. Congratulations! We commend your bravery and hope that you would be able to flourish in the World Wide Web. How is your traffic going? New website owners are always concerned, once their site is up and running, on how it would fare in the long run. We don’t blame you, of course. Search engine optimization or SEO is a big player on website traffic but it constantly changes. And with Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm, it is not easy to be constantly updated with every single SEO trend out there.

But don’t worry! We’re here to help you.

We’ve collated the best and trending SEO tips and tricks to help ensure the success of your website.

The first in the list is to ensure that you are using the latest requirements for websites. This would mean that your website should be mobile-friendly, makes use of search engine-compliant keywords, contains original content (or else you’ll be penalized for plagiarism) with easy to load graphics on a responsive website and is localized.

Second, does your website load fast enough? Because if it does, then congratulations! Expect a lot of traffic to go by your way in the future. Users today have a short patience span especially when it comes to acquiring information over the World Wide Web. That’s why it is important that every website should be able to load quickly even on slow or limited internet speeds. Make your audience hang around more with a faster website. You won’t regret it.

Third, are your keywords optimized? Take a good guess on what helps in hauling in traffic to your website and making you visible. It’s your chosen keywords! Keywords are the words and/or phrases that defines who you are in the internet and what is your niche. For example, if you are a website development company situated in Arizona, they your keyword should be web development Arizona. Think of keywords as your identification cards. However, just because you want to be seen doesn’t mean you have every right to stuff your website with all the keywords you could think of; you’ll be penalized for that. Instead focus on keyword trends and use them to your advantage. If not, get localized.

Fourth, is your content original and of high quality? One of the main factors why some website don’t even take off in a good note is that they don’t feature original and quality websites. Well, news flash website owner: copied content is no longer a trend. In fact, search engines penalized duplicated content and this will seriously affect your ranking in the long run. Same also applies to content that is not relevant to your website.

Take these SEO tips and tricks and use them wisely. Good luck!

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