SEO Don’ts Small Business Owners Should Know About

Small Business Owners

Everybody knows what should be done whenever new SEO trends arise. You can’t blame them as knowing these intricate details help contribute to the success of your online business. Given that Google has changed their search engine algorithm, it is even more crucial for business owners, specifically those who run small to medium businesses, to know even the small nuances when it comes to SEO if they want their business to be successful.

One of the primary targets of every business website is to be placed in the top search, or rather in the first page of every Google search. Being in this position is highly sought after because users often just check out the top sites and don’t bother moving over to the next set of results. For them, only those in the first page are the most significant in their search.

So if you want your online business to be successful and rank high in Google search results, here are some SEO trend don’ts that you have to keep in mind.

The first is to get rid of irrelevant keywords from your content. How can content have irrelevant keywords? Here’s an example. You run a web development and content marketing business however your company isn’t found in Arizona but in your website you would also make use of the keywords web development Arizona and content marketing Arizona. Where are we going to with this? If you are aware of the latest update on Google’s new search engine algorithm, Google penalizes websites that make use of SEO keywords that don’t have any relation to their business and, ultimately, this affects rankings.

In relation to that, don’t repeat keywords again and again in your content. This is called keyword vomit or stuffing. Think of it as placing keywords such as content marketing Arizona or web development Arizona without much function in the content. In short, they’re just there so that you could be identified. Before, this was the secret to getting better search engine rankings but now search engines can identify these nuances and penalize you for it.

Finally, never duplicate or copy-paste content. Search engines prefer unique content and would give better relevancy and ranking to those websites with original content. Websites with duplicate content will often find themselves with lower or no ranking at all. Plus given the anti-plagiarism tools like Copyscape, websites with original content can bypass plagiarism penalties.

So if you’re doing well in the rankings and would want to maintain that position, we suggest you correct your content.

Another series of SEO trend don’ts that you should keep in mind are links. Though some content marketers would find it better to have a lot of websites to link back at you, search engines now will penalize you. That’s why it is important that you should get rid of link farms and irrelevant links. Irrelevant links are links that are placed in websites that have nothing to do or do not have anything in common with your own website. This will greatly affect you relevancy rating. Link farms on the other hand are somewhat similar to irrelevant links but act more like spam to help increase a website’s search engine ranking. Link farms also don’t have relevant content at them, only keywords.

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