We believe in a holistic SEO process for online success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Our SEO Policy

Online Internet Results approaches Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as aggressively as possible for each client. We believe in taking a customized SEO approach for each business client. All of our custom SEO packages include Local SEO, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, and ongoing SEO maintenance.

We only use white hat tactics and good ole’ fashioned hard work.SEO is the backbone of how people find your business online and is vital for business growth. Your future customers are looking for your products and services online on a daily basis. Can your customers easily find you?

Local SEO

Get your business website and information easily found online by your local customers.

Our Approach

Local SEO is one the most important Internet marketing components for local businesses. We approach Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) as aggressively as possible for our clients. Local Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of how people find local businesses online on a daily basis. We target the top local directory and consumer sites that people go to to look for information such as Google Places, Bing, and Yahoo. Local SEO gets your information online and visible to those people who are already looking for your product or service.

We create strong, optimized business profiles that are complete with pictures, specials, and optimized company information. Complete company profiles will help to secure even higher local placement rankings and positive reviews. Your customers need to see positive reviews, company information, pictures, maps, deals, and specials to choose your product or services over your competitors.

Local SEO Features:

Profile Listings

Directory listings


Reputation Monitoring


Local Map Optimization

On-Page SEO

Improve your internal website architecture for top search engine rankings. 

Our Approach

On-page Search Engine Optimization (On-page SEO, also known as On-site SEO), should be a top priority for business owners. Search engine rankings are the pipeline for inbound customers. The main objective is to have your web pages as friendly as possible to the search engines.

On-Page SEO refers to several aspects of a web page that determines high search engine rankings. Another way to put is how search engine crawlers interpret the content and structure of your website. With recent additions of Google Panda updates it is now more important than ever to focus on quality websites and proper on page SEO.

Every SEO plan needs a strong website with proper SEO architecture and outstanding content. There are many On-Page techniques we use including for enhancing a website’s SEO abilities: target keywords, Meta descriptions, ALT tags, keyword density, internal link strategies, etc. Without good foundational SEO practices in your business website, other SEO strategies will not be as effective.

On-Page SEO success is largely determined by featuring unique high quality content that has both relevancy and authority. This is accomplished by picking keywords that relate to your web page and creating web pages that revolve around those keywords. Your target users must be kept in mind at all times and your content must reflect high quality information. Our On Page SEO techniques are customized to each unique client.

On-Page SEO Features:

Quality Content

Keyword Density

Internal Linking

Title tags

URL Structure

Meta Data

Image Optimization



Cleaning up errors

Alt Tags

Heading tags



Off-Page SEO

Target your online customers and guide them to your online and offline business information. 

Our Approach

A solid SEO and ongoing maintenance plan is one of the most important pieces to establish your business presence online and for overall online success. Studies have found that customers click on the organic section in the search engines more than any other area. Those companies who are not on the first page of search engine results will be missing on out many potential customers. The more people can find your website over your competitors, the mores sales you will have overall. It’s that simple.

Off Page SEO are strategies and techniques that are performed away from your website to improve your web page rankings and to generate more people to your website. There are many nuances to Off-Page SEO and the SEO landscape is constantly changing. Simply put, Off Page techniques spread the word to let others know about your product or service. Our off-page strategies for local businesses are targeted at your customer demographics and where they are most likely to find your information online. We carefully plan and strategize our Off-page campaigns for successful outcomes.

Off-Page SEO Features:

High Quality Link building

 Blog Commenting

YouTube Marketing

Article Directories

Web 2.0

Social Bookmarking

Unique Content Promotion

Press Releases

Directory Submissions

Forum posting

On-going SEO

Top rankings are not a one-time action and maintenance actions must be taken to have and sustain top listings. 

Our Approach

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization or SEO Maintenance is critical for online success. Top rankings are not a one-time action. Top search engine rankings require weekly and daily efforts in order to maintain an online competitive presence and ongoing traffic to your website. You can’t just stop at keywords, strong inbound links, and leave it at that. SEO is increasingly social and is connected to branding, public relations, customer service, and recruitment.

There will always be a competitive battle for top placements. Whether your business needs a complete SEO overhaul or would like to sustain your current positioning, ongoing SEO maintenance will be instrumental in consistently bringing in potential customers from the online world. Our Ongoing Search Engine Optimization services are customized to your business needs and combines On-Site, Off-Site, and Local SEO techniques. We always stay updated on Google SEO algorithm changes.

Fully Customized SEO Plans:

Updating products or services

Ongoing On Page optimization

Anchor text and quality link building

Ongoing keyword evaluation

Web and Social analytics monitoring

SEO can be a confusing process but if done right can deliver a power ROI.

A custom SEO plan will increase your business’s online visibility to your potential customers.