Rising Social Media Platforms That You Should Explore For 2016

Social Media Platforms

Sorry social media marketers but Facebook is losing its shine. In fact, the popular social media site isn’t as popular as it was before. Problems when it came to privacy, paid advertisements and image quality led to some unsatisfied users to seek for new platforms.

That is why a good social media marketer should always be on the lookout for new, rising social media websites. Here we’ve listed a couple, if not all, probable social media sites that you should try to explore and to use for your social media marketing strategy.

The first in our list is Snapchat. The simplest definition we could give on this is that it is an “alternative Instagram”. Yes, it is a photo-app service but what’s good about this is that the user has control over the pictures that they post including how long the pictures could last.

If Snapchat isn’t your thing, you can try the alternative which is Shots. This app is all about taking a selfie so it is easy to assume that Shots is a photo-centric app. Unfortunately, since it is selfie based, you can’t take other kinds of photos that are not “selfies”. However you can still utilize it for your business especially if you are promoting in trade shows or if you are travelling or visiting. Basically, if you want to be transparent with your service and make it more open in concept then this app is for you.

Looking for an alternative to Pinterest? Then try out We Heart It. Similar in so many ways to Pinterest, the only difference between the two is that this social media site makes use of canvases and instead of re-pinning items, users heart their favored posts to their canvases. This type of social media site will work wonders if you are aiming for an artistic demographic.

If you are the type who would like to create blog posts without sacrificing their influence on Twitter then you can try Medium. Created by the very mind behind Twitter, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, this is a microblogging site to complement its sister social media site.

If that isn’t your type, you can always opt for Bubblews. The only difference between Medium and Bubblews is that it is a social media website entirely focused on bringing out user-made content. Furthermore, users can share their own content for their circles to see. What’s great about Bubblews is that you can gain monetary benefits from your content and the traffic it generates (though you have to meet a required amount before you can make a payout), making it a good platform for those who are just starting out and would want to earn even a little bit.

Then we have Vine. An alternative to YouTube, Vine is more intricate as it only needs a video that lasts less than 10 seconds. Yes, you heard that right. What’s really amazing about Vine is that it is a fast-growing video sharing site and is equally rivaling YouTube. Furthermore, majority of viral videos are also coming from this site. Even “forgotten” celebrities such as Josh Peck are now using Vine and are gaining quite the momentum from it.

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