Online Internet Results: A Year in Review

Online Internet Results A Year in Review

Another year is over. We’re now in 2015, middle of a decade. This means in the Internet Marketing industry, we’ll see trends come and go. A couple of weeks ago, we already featured the Top 7 Online Marketing Trends in 2015, as well as, the Top 7 SEO Trends for this year.

Earlier in 2014, we learned that Content Marketing is Crucial to Online Marketing Success. We took this to heart and listed 11 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Your Business. Because we believe in content marketing, we started writing blogs for our clients. We have yet to learn more about this online strategy but as we use the Know-Like-Trust motto, we know we’ll be able to achieve our goals to influence and expand our audiences.

We always knew that trustworthy content and relationship driven link building are two of the topmost SEO trends in 2014. However, during the second-half of the year, we observed some changes within the Internet marketing industry. Content marketing grew bigger and became more helpful this year. We rounded up the Top SEO Trends that ruled in 2014: Google Authorship, Social Media’s Role in Traffic Referrals, Guest Blogging changed, Content Marketing became more in demand, Demand for SEO increased, Going mobile is important, and Creativity must grab the attention of the audience.

We still believe in the power of social media marketing so we still continued to use Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest in our strategies. Of course, web development is still a big part of our business and we are regularly updating how we work, observing the Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2014.

Before the year ended, we attended a webinar about how to create killer content marketing and we shared to you Why Content Marketing is Important. We hope to learn more about new trends and online marketing strategies and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Year 2015 has already started and we’re excited for many new and great things. Content Marketing will be bigger this year. It will drive more search engine rankings and we hope for everyone’s success.

Happy New Year!

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