Must Know Social Marketing Secrets for Twitter

Social Marketing Secrets for Twitter

Social media has become an essential tool for social media marketers everywhere and it has proven to be a great platform for businesses to conduct transactions and to provide customer service. However, do you know how to make use of Twitter for your social marketing purposes?

You might be wondering how can a fast-paced and limited social media site such as Twitter be able to help in your social media campaign? Well, before you think of something else, you should know that about 42% of Twitter users follow brands and often this idea makes Twitter a perfect avenue to begin and maintain business and marketing opportunities. Furthermore, the social media site is a great place for you to foster a loyal and growing customer following. But if you think that it stops there, better think again.

It is highly important that social marketing campaigns should always take a step up from their last. For example, Twitter enables one to create lead generation cards. The main function of this secret is to help identify people who own and use Twitter. They are simple and easy to set-up, and you also get to attract potential clients by making use of clever and eye-catching visuals to come with your short content or advertisements. And yes, you can also use it to promote a product and/or service.

Another Twitter secret every social marketing enthusiast should keep in mind are the hashtags users use. Just in case you’re not sure on what the hashtag is, they usually look like #this. Hashtags are like keywords where it makes searches easier since they indicate the topic or trend. However, these are extremely useful if you want to see if the topic is truly trending or not. Tools like RiteTag will be able to help identify these.

A secret that is probably the most important is re-sharing content you have posted. Admit it, not everyone can be on Twitter 24/7. Unfortunately because of this, not everyone will bother to look into posts that they might have missed during their absence no matter how important the topics may have been. That’s why it is important that you should be a bit shameless and re-share content from time to time. Just make sure you have something fresh to accompany the re-shared post like a one-liner or a short comment.

Speaking of sharing, just so people would be able to see your content, make sure to post on peak times, or rather at the most convenient time for your audience. Not only it will give your more opportunity to be seen, it is a sure fire way that your content would be read. Remember, most audiences would not read if they have missed the post.

Finally, be creative. Given that Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites and that a lot of companies are utilizing it for their business, you need to step up your game to make sure you are always seen. That’s why it is important to be creative when coming up with topics in Twitter.

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