Ongoing Maintenance Service Plans for Businesses.

Monthly Maintenance Plans

The Internet is a constantly changing landscape and your business presence needs to keep pace.

We take a strong SEO focus on our ongoing services to create an organic evolution of your business presence. These online actions are essential for top rankings, new customer generation, and opportunity creation. We have a variety of custom monthly service packages at various sized budgets.

Monthly Service Plans

Website Maintenance Plans

We have website maintenance programs available to keep your business website always looking fresh and current. We update information, pictures, events, and SEO as needed to keep your online visitors interested and returning. New content and interesting content is vital!

Our website updates can be as involved or simple as you need. We are very budget friendly and understand that you want a website that doesn’t distract you from the daily demands of your business.

SEO Maintenance Plans

We have SEO maintenance programs available to keep your onsite and offsite website SEO and your local SEO, always fresh and current. Maintenance is key to sustaining top search engine rankings and keeping ahead of your competitors.

Constant SEO maintenance is also vital to keep your online visitors interested. We create custom maintenance program that can take care of all your SEO needs so you can get back to running your business.

Social Media Plans

Successful social media is a daily practice of connecting with your target customers and providing top quality content. Business owners often do not have the time, expertise, or desire to manage their social media accounts or lead generation campaigns.

We can take care of the basic Blogging, Twittering, Facebook connecting, Pinterest posting, article posting, from an SEO perspective so you can focus on building personal relationships with your customers online.

Content Creation Plans

We create monthly materials on a regular basis for online distribution. If you need graphics, content, or a combination of marketing materials, we are happy to create a custom content creation package so that you have your materials in a timely and professional manner on a monthly basis.

Consultation & Strategy

We are happy to evaluate your online presence in a scheduled capacity. As a 3rd party objective resource we can package ongoing reports, research, and keep track of conversion analytics. Sometimes having an expert take a look at your consistent efforts can help to maximize your online effectiveness.

Customized Plan

Do you need a plan that is especially customized for your business? Let us take an overlook of what you have in place, what is working, what isn’t and complete a thorough online audit…and create a recommended monthly plan that will bring you closer to online success.


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