Making Use of Guest Blogging to Boost Your Audience


Many think that guest blogging is a waste of time, resources and effort. Why should you invite someone to make a post that you could also do? As much as there is a point there, guest blogging is more than that. Have you ever noticed that some of the best YouTube celebrities started out with collaborations either with known or new YouTubers? It’s the same thing as guest blogging, collaborating with other individuals who are known or good at the same field will help boost your online presence.

Guest bloggers are also an immense help when it comes to pleasing the insatiable search engines. The links that you and your guest blogger produce (since you are linking each other) can be seen by search engines. These help raise the value of your blog and makes you more visible in search engines. Think of it as an indirect SEO.

But how will it help in gaining more followers? Guest bloggers help bring in their own followers to your blog. But don’t think that this is not a mutual relationship; it is. Since your guest bloggers bring in their audience to your blog, and you are also inviting your audience to visit them. It’s a win-win relationship.

Speaking of followers, guest posting exposes you to a new audience which can be good for your traffic. If these people do like your content, they will become your followers. Furthermore, some of these people will prove to be a benefit for your website and your reputation, if you play your cards right. Let’s take YouTubers for example. Some of the famous YouTubers we know today like Pewdiepie, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan and many more all started out in collaborative guest video blogs. If one will notice in their videos, it is common courtesy that they post their collaborator’s links at the description box. This helps viewers visit their profile if ever they like the video. Furthermore, this is also one way of advertising.

Lastly guest posting will help widen your circles and resources. The beauty of guest blogging is not because one had invited a known resource person to write about a niche topic but it is also forging new relationships that could benefit both parties. It would also allow you to gain new friends as well as new insights about your niche. After all, there’s nothing wrong with learning from someone else.

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