Making SEO Siri-Friendly

Making SEO

We’re living in a mobile world. Everything has gone mobile from shopping sites to social media – everything is within your mobile phone’s reach. As the world becomes more handheld, the more the demand for mobile efficiency and that includes wireless and hands free services.

One of the services that helps make mobile usage easier for users is their assistants such as Siri. Despite being just some voice that they could randomly talk to, Siri is also being used for searching things in the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, as much as most websites have mobile counterparts, only few are optimized for mobile assistants because they are not aware that search results tend to look different from their desktop counterparts, thus losing the same visibility they have garnered.

Don’t let it all go to waste. It is best to be optimized for mobile as soon as possible.

Here are a few tips on how you could make your website Siri-friendly.

It is a given that one of the major factors in creating a successful mobile website is how fast it could load. That’s why a good mobile website should be lightweight and nimble and is fully optimized for mobile viewing. One good way of ensuring this is by making use of a responsive web design. However, you may have noticed that these websites lack or sparingly makes use of pictures. So you might be wondering how your target market could identify you, now that you have to minimize graphics. It’s simple. You can still make use of your logo and utilize color branding. Color branding means that you make use of colors that is iconic to your brand, for example red and white for KFC, blue and white for Facebook, etc.

Another major factor is your content. Siri’s much like a search engine. She will find content that is highly relevant and specific to your search as much as possible, therefore, it is also important for you to give some attention to your content. Always follow the latest SEO trends if you want to be found all the time. However, also keep an eye out for the prohibited practices such as keyword vomiting and such. It’s not very good practice and it will penalize your site more than it will help you.

Finally, get localized. This means making your website visible in local searches and social media– even in Google Maps. Localization helps narrow down engine searches. Furthermore, it makes Siri’s search easier.

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