Is Your Website only an Online Business Card?

Online Business Card_

As business owners, we don’t want our resources be put to waste. One of these is the business’ website. The existence of your website should also have meaning and not just there for formality.

The website for your business has roles to fulfill. It has to communicate the benefits your business provides. It should also show why people would want to work with you. More importantly, it has to establish your credibility in the field of your business. The most critical part among these mentioned roles is that it has to accomplish all of these in just a few seconds.

The majority of websites for businesses are just there as online business cards. Most people nowadays use the internet to browse for products and services that fit their needs. While it is good to be straightforward and display your business’ name, physical address and contact details, you should remember that webpages are not made to be boring.

When looking for products and services, customers don’t just list down the contact details of all providers they see online. They compare first which company appeals to them most in just a few seconds’ worth of scrolling. When they’ve come across the website that suites their liking, that’s the time they’d list down the contact details shown in the website.

Putting up a website is not just advertising your business’ contact details. You only get one first impression to make and it can mean everything when it comes to business. Why not make the most of it?

Here are some tips to make your website more effective and avoid it becoming a plain, bland online business card.

  1. Create a strong and powerful headline. If visitors read a weak headline, in just a matter of 3-5 seconds, they’ll be gone.
  2. Give your customers the best buying experience. Your visitors must be guided well on how to proceed to purchasing what you are offering. Keep it user-friendly.
  3. Keep your website looking fresh. If it looks old, it would be easier for people to assume that your products and services are obsolete or low-quality.
  4. Your web content must be leading visitors on why they need your products or services. Visitors don’t care about you or your business. Focus on describing what benefits they’d get from doing business with you.

Stay in touch with your visitors. When visitors leave, your business with them does not end there. You have to strategize on how you can at least obtain their e-mail addresses for you to have numerous chances in marketing your product or services.

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