How to Think of Viral Topics for your Page

Coming up with a viral topic means gaining a lot of visitors to your website, blog, or page. With one or two viral posts each month, you can grow your audience in less than a year or so. Both for beginners and veteran content creators, attaining to come up with a viral topic should be the end goal.

But, thinking of viral topics can be challenging. You have to be familiar with trends and then apply them to your own platform. 

Turn viral articles into videos

One easy way to think of viral topics is to refer to materials that have been proven to be effective. For example, you can create videos from viral articles in the past. Or alternatively, you can write articles from viral videos. When doing so, make sure you are contributing to the original content and not just copying what is already available. This is to make sure that your audience does not just look at your content as a rehash.

Ask from your audience

One source of great ideas with the potential to go viral is to ask the audience directly. Conduct polls, surveys, or you can even interview friends and family who have visited your page or website. Ask them what they are interested in and think of topics that revolve around those interests. 

Content creation is about building your audience. Hence, it is important to choose whose ideas you consider. Ensure that you ask those who are likely part of your target audience.

Compile content

You can also try to combine previous viral content to create a topic that may be a hit to the public. For example, you can list down apps that are helpful for productivity. Your audience would not need to scour the internet for various pages about one topic. While compiling content, you should also comment so you can add value to the post.

Give rewards

Rewards or anything that benefits your audience is a sure way to make your content go viral. You can set competitions and reward a few people when they win. For instance, you can give away subscriptions for some of your exclusive content.

Giving away rewards does not have to be from your own pocket or property. Instead, you can share rewards and freebies from other websites. For example, free courses available online are a hit during the pandemic because people seek knowledge and education from the comforts of their homes.

Share experts’ opinion

Your audience values insights and opinions from authoritative sources. For example, in matters of health, viral topics for your blog could include expert opinions from doctors and other health professionals. The content from this source would be better sought than that from a regular person.

Experts can also provide opinions based on their experience. For example, a cancer survivor can be considered an authority when it comes to experiencing long-term illnesses. A post discussing trials and tribulations could go viral if you have someone who can share their actual experiences. Your audience would trust your content because of this.

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