How to Post Photos for Your Social Media

Photos have become an integral part of social media. Sites even prefer posts with photos than using texts alone. But, posting photos is not enough. You have to be mindful in choosing the right type of pictures to utilize. 

Beware of image copyright

One sure way of using great photos is to take one yourself. By doing so, you can stage the type of imagery you wish to show. But, if you cannot do so, the next thing you can do is to download royalty-free pictures online. Some websites provide these types of photos for free such as Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.

With this, you have to avoid using pictures that may suggest other brands. Surely, you do not want to encounter costly legal battles because of these little details. 

Follow specific image specifications

Every social media platform has specific image specifications, including the aspect ratio and resolution. Make sure you know these specifications because uploading the wrong one can stretch, crop, or blur out your photo. You should always post high-quality photos because they can define your brand.

To make your photos always high-quality, you should consider the following tips. For one, ensure that all the essential information in the photo is at or near the center because the sides have a greater chance of being cropped when uploaded on social media. You should also remember that photos on one social media platform can be laid out differently depending on the device. 

Be consistent in your branding

How you present yourself or your company on social media defines your overall branding. You must be consistent with everything you post, including photos, videos, and texts. For photos, you should follow a consistent style, color, and layout.

Not having consistent branding on your uploaded photos can give off the impression that you do not have a unique thing to offer your customers. Consistent branding is a way to distinguish yourself from other companies.

Edit your photos

Raw photos will not make it. You can always employ apps that can improve your photos. You can even put text and other design elements on those photos if you want to be extra. Just make sure that they remain classy and on-brand.

You do not need to spend just to use photo editing softwares. You can use Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, Canva, or VSCO. 

Be politically correct

When posting photos, choose those that do not demean people from the marginalized sectors including people with disabilities, children, women, poor, and indigenous peoples. Using images of these individuals can be seen as distasteful by your audience. Instead of gaining customers, you can actually lose even the loyal ones.

Remember that when it comes to social media, your audience are not just your customers. Every post you make is subject to the judgment of every social media who can see your postings. With this, make sure that you do not offend any party. Avoid making enemeies because your goal is to market the product or service your are selling.

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