How to Implement Content Optimization on Your Website

Content optimization pertains to the idea of writing and organizing your content in such a way that it will reach the largest audience possible. In this process, you get to make sure that the posts on your website are easy to search and they are accessible to their intended market.

While the bulk of content creation is about choosing interesting topics and telling a captivating tale, content optimization teaches us that you can expand your reach by modifying the way you write your content. 

Identify the right word count

Word counts vary depending on the purpose of the article. When answering a specific question, you can write a 50-word content that can serve as a featured snippet. Meanwhile, for e-commerce products or websites dedicated to selling local items or services, articles are best kept at 500-1,000 words.

For in-depth articles that answer several questions, the word count can be at 3,000 to 5,000 words. The idea here is for you to find the purpose of your article in order to decide the word count.

Look for the best meta titles to increase CTR

When optimizing content, we are often told to focus on keywords favored by search engines. But aside from the keywords, you must also pay attention to the human elements of the content you are creating. Think about topics and titles that would excite your readers. While writing, consider what words do your readers use when researching the topic you are discussing.

Identify posts with low traffic

Sustaining regular viewership and visits to your website requires optimizing content for old and new posts. Your old posts that did well previously may have gone down in traffic. This can be caused by outdated content, broken links, or updated articles by competitors. 

Identify the old posts that have undergone a decrease in traffic. There are several third-party tools that you can use to keep track of the traffic of your content. Once you have identified them, you can do the necessary optimization to make the posts more relevant and up-to-date

Write about related questions

Search engines like Google offer related questions and searches when you search for a particular keyword or topic. These related questions and searches are usually the most searched topic by other users that are related to what you want to find. Maximize the use of this feature by writing posts that have the keywords from the related searches section.

You can start by manually searching about your keyword on any search engine. This will produce the results that are optimized for that particular keyword, as well as the related questions in the “People also ask” section on the results page. 

Answer the questions properly

A particular keyword or topic can have many questions related to it. Once you have identified the related questions and searches for your keyword, you should answer these relevant questions in your content. Make sure to answer each question properly and in an organized manner. You can make the answers to these questions as headings or subheadings. You can also create an FAQ section where you answer each relevant question.

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