How to Be Heard over Social Media Clutter

Social Media Clutter (1)

We’re not sure if you are aware of this but have you tried looking for your own posts in your social media? Sometimes, you see it immediately but sometimes it takes quite some time for you to find and it is aggravating since being seen in social media is an important aspect of marketing. If you can’t be seen then you don’t exist. This is a reality in social media. Users don’t just follow your company, they also follow other brands and companies. And because of the huge number of people they follow, you can expect quite an amount of social media clutter.

From that alone, you can conclude that a social media marketer’s biggest worry is how to be seen amidst social media clutter. But don’t worry, here are some tips that can help you stand out.

Give what your fans want to see. Rule of thumb is that people follow your page because they want to hear from you. Therefore, always provide posts and information that will not only serve as means of bumping your presence up but also something for your clients to keep on looking forward to and to allow them to see in a personal level the personality of your company. However, for social media marketing, it is not always about content but also customer service. As much as social media is a way to entice your buyers to buy your products, this can turn off other clients who are not yet ready to part with their money. So bear in mind balance.

Promo once in a while. As stated above, some of your social media followers would always be on their toes, hoping for any updates from you. Probably a good percentages of them are waiting for promos or coupons. That’s not a bad thing, in fact, it is a good way to promote your company and to push products. Not only that, allowing people to share and re-tweet your promotional posts helps people from their circles see your company. A win-win situation!

Be an ear for your customers. As mentioned before, being a social media marketer is not just about promoting your product online, it’s also about lending an ear to your customers and knowing what is wrong about your products. Sometimes, hearing their reviews and opinions will be a big help especially if you want to improve your service better.

Create your own catch-line. The best way to hook in customers is to be catchy. Why do you think companies with catchy phrases and jingles are always remembered and sought out for? Being catchy creates a good instant recall and it is also a good way of creating a personality for your brand – to make it stand out against the competition. Given that social media broadened that aspect with the concept of hashtags, there’s nothing wrong with using hashtags to create a tagline for your brand. It will make you trend if used well and it will also help you track down how many people are following or supporting your brand.

Finally, don’t post during peak periods. Peak periods often finds more users online however instead of making you visible, you might find yourself buried under an amount of posts. As much as you want to compete for space, don’t overdo it. Rather, find a convenient time and hour to post and put it into your regular scheduling habit. You’ll be very surprised on how it will work for you and for your brand.

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