How can Social Media Curated Content Help Your Online Brand

Online Brand

The main reason people go online is to gain value. This value takes many different forms. Many people get value by getting information. Other people determine value by the entertainment that they get. Regardless, they go online to get some sort of value. If you are serious about creating serious online brands, then you need to focus your social media management initiatives towards that goal. It is very easy to handle social media management in such a way that you’re not really building a brand. You’re just spreading links. You’re just generating traffic. While these activities in of itself are not bad and definitely can help, you have to focus on creating a solid online brand. Why? Due to the changes happening with Google, there is only one thing you can rely on: a solid online brand. Solid online brand functions as some sort of marketing battery. Just like a battery, even after you have stopped charging it, it still produces a current. The same goes with your online brand, even if you have stopped actively marketing whatever it is that you are pushing online, your brand does the heavy lifting for you. It generates sales. It generates goodwill. It retains clients and customers. That’s how powerful a solid online brand can be. It all depends on how you conduct your social media management. At the very least, you should look for a firm that provides social media management that is focused on creating solid online brands. With that said, branding is easier said than done. The cornerstone of branding is authority. You have to have some sort of expertise or authority regarding a particular body of information. The good news is proper social media curated content can help you build a solid online brand. Keep the following considerations in mind.

The power of authority content

There are so many junk websites on the Internet that it is really not a surprise why Google is banning so many different sites. From link penalties to content penalties, Google has been very active in trying to clean up the amount of garbage websites on the Internet. One important metric that Google and its representatives keep talking about is authority. Google is paying a serious attention to authority content sites. If you want to rank well with Google, you need to have an authority site. Moreover, if you want to turn your traffic into cold hard cash, you have to have some sort of authority. This is how powerful authority content can be. The good news is that despite the seemingly slippery term, authority content can actually be reduced to one definite and workable meaning: content that builds trust in the eyes of users. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. The other good news is that you don’t have to create the end all and be all websites for a particular niche. Instead, you can focus on gathering specific news or blog posts regarding a particular niche, and you can build authority with your site.

Social media as a powerful authority filter

The great thing about using social media curated content as part of your social media management initiatives to build a solid online brand is that you crowd source the hard work of figuring out authority. The reality is that there are so many websites out there that it’s very hard to figure out which content is authoritative and which content is junk. In other words, it’s very hard to figure out who to trust. Social media helps you cut through the garbage and zero in on authority content. Once you put this authority content on your website with proper attribution of course, you can then use social media again to draw influential people to your site. With proper social media management, you can both get quality content and at the same time get the right eyeballs to your website.

Building authority by featuring proven authority

The great thing about social media is that cream tends to rise to the top. That’s right. The best-quality materials tend to get retweeted a lot or shared on Facebook a lot. This takes all the guess work out of trying to figure out which content to trust. Since youre using social media to find authority content, it is easier to create an authoritative brand thanks to all this social media voting. The key to proper social media management then is to ensure that you are listening to real authorities on social media. Social media management also comes into play once you have aggregated this authoritative content in one location and then spread the word to other authorities.

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