How can Social Media Boost your SEO?

Social Media Boost

Business owners that are new to digital marketing often mistake SEO and social media as
separate entities. These two are actually working in tandem.

Nowadays, social media engagement provides the search engines an external validation of the
value of a certain webpage. This means what works well for social media works also for SEO.

Here are some social media practices that can effectively improve your SEO.

1. Make sure to always stand out.

The internet could be a huge and crowded world. Building a strong, appealing, and
relatable brand presence could really go a long way. You can do this by strategically
posting optimized contents on a regular basis. If your audience finds valuable content in
your social media page, then you’ll likely to get searched more frequently. This results to
an increased brand awareness.

2. Aim to grow the number of your connections.

The number of followers and connections can significantly affect your rankings. The
greater the number of followers you have, the better. Don’t be tempted to pay for more
followers, though. Google can detect the quality of your followers. Only real followers
can react and engage to your social media activities and give you higher rankings.

3. Optimize your social media content.

Today, social media platforms are searchable as well. So you can think of it as another
version of search engines. Make sure you do your research for keywords and plan out
your content the same way you do it with your website.

4. Follow you followers, too.

Social media is quickly expanding. Try to be more flexible and make sure to engage
through different platforms, old and new. This will increase your audience and hence,
potential clients.

5. Encourage your connections to spread the word.

Along with the number of followers, you can assess if you are doing a great job with your
social media publications if they are getting more likes, shares, favorites, reposts and
retweets. Get more creative to encourage your connections to share your content. Come
up with rewards system, for example. This social media practice actually helps your
brand, big time.

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