Great Tips for a Website Redesign

The only thing that stays constant in this world is change. The same applies to a website if you want to move forward and increase your business. Failing to improve your site would mean that your competitors will more easily get ahead of you. A website redesign should be on your mind if you’re not receiving as much traffic as you used to. 

How to Have a Successful Website Redesign

Redesigning your entire website might be a challenge. But with the right know-how to approach a good redesign you’ll be on your way back to internet relevancy. Just follow these great tips we’ve put together for you! 

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

The first step to a good redesign is to make sure that you know how a customer feels whenever they visit your site. Navigate your website and try to purchase from your own store to see how much trouble you have to go through to get your own products. This can help you pinpoint what works and what is a hassle to go through. Remember, the faster a customer can get to check out the more sales you’ll make. Another thing you can do is write content in a language that they’ll easily relate with. For example, writing like a basketball fan for a site that sells sportswear is better than writing like a professor for the same site.

Revisit Old Content

Your old site look may have been uninteresting or it might have been a struggle to navigate. That doesn’t mean you have to change everything, however. Your site can still be composed of pretty much the same content. A new look on your site can easily spark new interest in your business and bring back old visitors and pull in new ones even if the content is the same. All you need to do is to redesign the parts that aren’t aesthetically pleasing or are difficult to navigate.

Apply SEO if You Haven’t Already 

The online market is dominated by websites that have great SEO applied to their websites. Not only does SEO make your site much more user-friendly, it also makes search engines take notice of your content. A website without SEO will most likely be at the bottom of the search barrel while those with great SEO will be at the top.  

Visit Your Competitor’s Websites

Visiting your competitors might seem counterintuitive but knowledge is power. In this case, you’ll be visiting their sites to see what they’re doing differently from your failing website. Check what works on their site and try to apply what works for them. Don’t lift content straight from their sites though, otherwise, Google might take notice and flag your site. 

Do Research on Your Target Audience

Try to make your content stand out to your target audience. Design your site to cater to them as well. The best way to do this is to do some research about your target audience. Check on their purchasing habits, what kind of products they’re after and what they don’t like. This not only gives you a great starting point for your future redesigned website but also gives you ideas for what products to highlight on your site. 

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