Great Ideas for Web Design

Ideas for Web Design

What is Web Design?

Web design refers to different designs of websites that are being displayed on the internet. It has the aspects of website development rather than developing software. Designing websites for desktop browsers are what we call web designs.

Good Web Design Principles

We need to understand how users interact with websites before we use the principles in web designing.

Quality and Credibility

If a web page lays out with high-quality content, people are willing to understand the content with different advertisements and designs of the site. Content is more important than the design which supports it.

Instant fulfillment

Users are impatient and they also insist on instant fulfillment and if they are not satisfied then it means that the designer failed to get his job done properly. 

The cognitive load is higher and the navigation is less intuitive the more willing the users are to leave the website and search for alternatives. 

Focus Users’ Attention

Websites provide both static and dynamic content, some aspects of the user interface attract attention more than others do. Images are more eye-catching to everyone than the text. You can also try to make your sentences attractive using images or word arts rather than using plain texts.

Our eyes are highly non-linear devices, and users can instantly identify patterns, edges, and motions. This is why people find video-based advertisements extremely distracting and annoying on a web page better yet not to have this in your web designs, but from the marketing perspective, video-based advertisements perfectly do the job of capturing users’ attention.

Strive For Simplicity

In creating your design you have to remember to keep it simple since it is the primary goal of site design. Users are on a site to enjoy the design and in most cases, they are looking for the content itself despite the design.

The simpler the better strive for simplicity instead of complexity. Keeping design simple allows your web page design to have the “clean” look that people are looking for.


The content of your website will lead us nicely and when you consider the overall design it certainly should not be underestimated. Good content can engage your audience to check on your web page. This can help you from a perspective and convey your key messages to your customers.

It is essential to use your content in a way that is ‘beautifully designed’ so that it is effective and eye-catchy in delivering this to your users and readers.


As mentioned in some of the sections above, the designer needs to keep the design consistent to be more pleasing to the eyes of the users who are visiting your page. The website colors, button styles, heading sizes, image styles, image sizes, fonts, and backgrounds are among the pieces to keep consistent.

Websites are big businesses that we can’t think of and while designing one can seem like an intimidating task. Whether you are a designer or a developer, or even just someone wanting to get an online presence with little experience, the web design process can be made much easier with a bit of forward planning and guidance.

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