Fewer but Better: Why Email Blasts Offer the Best Online Marketing ROI

There are a lot of ways to market online. You probably already know about banner ads, search engine placements, contextual ads, so on and so forth. However, just like with anything else you do online, you have to make sure that your online advertising and marketing initiatives meet certain ROI standards. While you are pretty much assured that you will get some sort of return for all your internet marketing efforts, not all these efforts produce the same return on investment. Since, you are dealing with scarce business resources, it’s a good idea to make sure that whatever internet marketing approach you take produces the highest ROI. The good news is that, based on study after study and from the concrete experience of marketing managers the world over, email consistently ranks very high, if not at the top, in terms of ROI

Here are some quick discussions of why you need to include email blasts in your internet marketing initiatives. If you are serious about spreading the word about your online business, you need to include email blast in your marketing campaign.

Turning temporary traffic into a semi-permanent pool of potential buyers

The sad reality is the vast majority of people that will visit your website will never come back. This is just the cold hard reality. For a wide variety of reasons, they just never find their way back to your website. While you are sure to attract a small loyal following, the vast majority of people will just click the back button or they might stick around for a while but they will never come back. This is why it’s crucial to retain as much of that traffic as possible. Why? You’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and resources trying to drive traffic to your website. You don’t want all that effort to go in vain. By installing email collection system, you effectively turn traffic into a semi-permanent pool of potential buyers. How? when they sign up to your mailing list, you either give them a freebie or a free email sequence that keeps them engaged as to the value of proposition your website offers. Once you are on their mailing list, they legally and effectively give you permission to talk to them. The bigger your mailing list, the more people that will visit your site once you send out an email blast announcing a special promotion.

Each email update is an opportunity for more focused marketing

Every email update you send your mailing list is an opportunity for you to get into the minds of people that give you permission to talk to them. This is a very important opportunity. It is also a big responsibility. This is why it’s crucial for you to send opportunities and announcements that are directly relevant to the reason why people signed up to your mailing list in the first place. If you keep a tight fit between the messages that you send and the nature of your mailing list, your chances of actually generating sales from your email updates increases dramatically.

One list can lead to many different sales funnels

A sales funnel is very simple. It is a series of marketing messages that get people to opt in to different email list. Once they opt in, they are given different messages depending on the list they’re on. The traditional email sales funnel works is that most of your email list members has signed up to a generic mailing list. You then send updates trying to recruit them to more specific list. The more specific the list, the more filtered the list members are. The more filtered the list members are, the more identifiable their specific needs. If you send specific email with promotional materials that specifically addressees those explicit needs, your chances of getting a sale increase dramatically.

If you are serious about getting maximum ROI from your internet marketing efforts, you shouldn’t hesitate to start using email blast as part of your marketing campaigns. Of course, you have to put in a lot of time, effort, and planning for your email blast to produce solid results. Still, with the right strategy and the right structure, you can see for yourself why most serious marketers prefer email blast for internet marketing.


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