DOs and DON’Ts of Facebook Social Marketing

DOs and DON’Ts of Facebook Social Marketing

Aside from Twitter as an effective social media marketing strategy, Facebook is also one of the easiest ways to bring traffic to your company. Most companies from different industries rely on Facebook to get the word out as thousands to millions of people are logging into the social network. The potential ROI from Facebook marketing is big as long as it is used properly.

From Twitter tips, we move on to Facebook Social Media Marketing. Here is a list of things a marketer should be doing and not doing:


  1. DO post and share at the best times.
    If best time to post on Twitter is Monday to Thursday from 1PM to 3PM, the best time to share on Facebook is 9AM to 11AM when most people check their accounts. If you are not sure you can log on at those hours, you can utilize the Facebook’s Schedule Post feature.
  2. DO use Facebook to share photos.
    People on Facebook like to ‘Like’. Clicking on that like button is easy especially if a photo is interesting. Facebook users like pictures more than they like a status post or link.
  3. DO use Facebook to increase leads.
    One of the main reasons why people market on Facebook is to generate leads. The more interesting your posts or photos are, the better. People would notice and ‘LIKE’ your page.
  4. DO make use of Facebook groups to build your business.
    If you can’t get much ‘likes’ on Facebook, you can consider opening a Facebook Group and point your followers to join. This way, conversations are more intimate. Some people easily connect with others when the setting is more private.
  5. DO engage in conservations.
    People love it when businesses respond to their queries personally.



  1. DON’T break the heart of your followers.
    Don’t deceive potential customers by pretending to be someone or promise something better than what you can offer.  Be honest and don’t share false statements and evaluate your promises.
  2. DON’T under deliver.
    You can over deliver but definitely not under deliver as much as possible. It is important that you reply on queries and messages. This will show you value your followers on Facebook by not ignoring them.
  3. DON’T forget to ask for feedback.
    Asking for feedback is an effective way to survey customers. Don’t forget to ask about their experience, good or bad, with your service, product, or customer service.
  4. DON’T overlook to share links from your website.
    The purpose of sharing on Facebook is to sell or drive traffic to your main company website. Sharing posts and interesting links are okay but remember one of the main goals of your Facebook Page is to bring more traffic to your business.It is good to share breaking news and information on the particular niche you are in though but not as frequent.
  5. DON’T write a lengthy post.
    Facebook isn’t the place to share a lengthy blog or status update. Consider the context of the link or photo and write a catchy phrase as caption.


The goal of Facebook for business is to compel customers. You can generate more leads on Facebook but make sure you do not abuse it.

Do not clutter the newsfeed by posting frequently. A recent survey found out that 73 percent of social media users unfollow a brand on Facebook because the brand posted too frequently.

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