Does Your Online Marketing Strategy Use the Know-Like-Trust Motto?

Does Your Online Marketing Strategy Use the Know-Like-Trust Motto?

Whether you’re doing inbound marketing, email blasts or you’re trying to sell through websites or social media, you probably already know that getting somebody to buy from you requires trust. That’s the bottom line. People will not open their wallets to buy from you if they don’t trust you. People will not go out of their way to tell their friends about your brand if they don’t trust you. Trust is crucial to the internet economy. In fact, trust is the glue that holds any effective online marketing strategy together. Unfortunately, many small businesses in Tucson and Phoenix-area focus solely on SEO. They focus solely on social media marketing. They don’t know that for these marketing channels and methods to work, trust is needed. Keep the following information in mind so you can work with an online marketing specialist to produce online marketing motto that will enable your target audience to trust your online brand.

Get Influential Niche Players to Know You

Social marketing is effective because it allows small businesses such as yours to reach out to influential people on social media and have those influential people help your brand. How does this happen? These influential people have a lot of followers. Whatever they say and recommend to their followers is sure to get a lot of attention. Their followers obviously think that these influential people are credible and trustworthy. Effective social media marketing is all about getting these influential niche players to know your brand. How do you do this? You send links to high quality content in your niche to these influential niche players. Once they are aware of the content that you offer and you become more credible in their eyes, then they are more likely to like you.

Use Social Content to Get Influencers to Like You

The next level of social media marketing is to get influential people on Twitter and Google+ to like you. It’s one thing for them to know you. It’s one thing for them to know that you could produce quality content that is trustworthy in your niche. It’s one thing for them to know your brand. It’s another for them to actually like you. How do you get influencers to like you? Simple. You keep sending them solid high quality content. The more quality content you send, the more they will like you. Also, feel free to retweet content that is relevant to your niche. The more you do this, the more influencers will become at ease with your brand.

Coordinate with Influencers to Build Your Brand’s Trust Level

Once they like you, you can then ask content influencers to retweet your content. Also, you can ask them to link to your content. If you play your cards right, influencers will lend you some of their influence and credibility. When this happens, your brand increases in value. Your brand becomes stronger. People in your niche will start recognizing your brand as trustworthy. This is the end goal of social media management and effective social media marketing. It is all about building relationships. It is all about building solid online brands. Unfortunately, you are able only to do this through a long drawn out process. It doesn’t happen overnight.

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