Do Not Forget to Include Social Media Marketing in Your Advertising Strategy

Advertising Strategy

Due to the overwhelming benefits social media present when it comes to marketing, it is a must to include social media marketing trends when planning your advertising strategy.

As time goes by, social media searches are becoming more and more powerful. Various social media platforms are also working persistently in developing and improving services for users.

Facebook is the “gateway drug” that has brought an older generation into regular social media use and this includes sharing, free giving of personal information, connectivity, connection with mass-brands and retail, and others. This means that Facebook will experience the largest percentage share increase in the ages 65+ demographic.  With the breakdown in privacy barriers nearly complete, Facebook  is ready to step in for the kill. Advertisers are anticipated to wage highly targeted, post-demographic campaigns.

Instagram advertising is bigger than ever. Although advertising via Instagram has been around for months already, it has only been made available to certain brand partners. This year, people are expecting to see geo-targeted/local advertising options made available to more small- and medium-sized businesses, especially in the retail, dining, and entertainment sectors. Hopefully, Instagram would be able to stay at par with the expectations of social media users.

Nowadays, social broadcasts are becoming increasingly popular. People are more likely to trust a brand that can show exactly what is happening as it is happening. If you are not quite ready to get into such, videos are still critical elements to social strategy. Remember that videos are more engaging that photos. Facebook even announced that it sees an average of eight billion views a day from 500 million people.

When it comes to customer service, inbound messages are becoming a trend. The problem is that most brands still do not have a game plan in addressing these messages. Thus, majority of inbound messages go without response. Take time to think about a social plan for one on one engagement to stay ahead of the game.

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