Content Marketing Budget Tips for Small Businesses

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Every small business’ problem nowadays is how to get the word out that they exist. It’s not like everyone can afford big budgets with grandiose marketing plots, however, small business owners can still produce the same quality content even with small or tight budgets.

You don’t need a huge number of staff to dish out content. In fact, you can re-use old content and re-make it into updated and intriguing content. For example, your PowerPoint presentations can be tweaked a little bit and posted on sites such as SlideShare, then you can further improve it by embedding it into your blog post. Another idea is using your notes and turning them into articles.

Another way is by using videos to further optimize your content. What’s great about videos is that with how mobiles phones have advanced over the past year, you don’t even need to shell out money for expensive equipment to record video content. All you need is your mobile phone, your charger, memory, a tripod or a phone tripod, a good place to record with good lighting and your script. No need for fancy studios! You can either share it alone or embed it to your blog posts; it’s all up to you. Videos, after all, are one of the hottest SEO trends in the industry this year.

Now let’s say you’ve exhausted every single topic you could think of and you’re pressed to come up with new content. Why not talk about current events and big changes within your industry? It may take a bit of research and digging on your part however, people like it if you are aware of what’s happening around you. Furthermore, to spice things up, don’t shy away from pop culture. Readers love it when they find some things like TV shows and will be impressed if you can relate them to your business. Still out of ideas? Why not share a few business secrets, the ones you are willing to part with. This would include writing about the tools you use for your SEO marketing.

Another thing to help create great content without using too much resource is by using the internet’s fun side, namely photos and GIFs. Mind you that these should be at least related to the content that your write about and not away from the topic. Reaction gifs and memes are good examples for this.

If you can, you can create infographics to help boost your content. What’s great about this is that you can either hire someone to make it for you or you can make the infographic yourself. Don’t worry as there are several websites out there that could provide infographic-making tools for free.

Finally, use social media to your advantage. Not only is social media a great SEO trendsetter, it also provides businesses, big or small, a gateway to promote their products without shelling out too much money. In fact, the only time you have to pay for it is when you use their ads feature but the rest such as posting, sharing and tagging are all free services.

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