Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Imagine this: You just heard from a friend who owns a business online that the number of visitors they received has increased because of SEO. Now you decided that you should take advantage of it as well. However you start implementing it haphazardly. This is a terrible thing to do when you want to increase the popularity of your site. 

What Common SEO Mistakes Do I Make All The Time?

Making mistakes for first time implementation is common. However, the most important thing to remember when making mistakes is that you learn from them. But you’ll never know what’s wrong unless you start seeing the negative impact that it has or someone tells you what you’re doing wrong. Most of the time, once you’ve started seeing the negative impact, it’s already too late and it will be difficult to do a facelift on all of your content that has all of these mistakes. To help you with your SEO troubles, we’ve put together a list of the common SEO mistakes that you should avoid.

SEO Over Optimization

There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. Like how too much coffee might give you heart palpitations and difficulty breathing, too much SEO can be a problem in congesting your website. Remember that there are two entities you’re trying to please when you want to climb the search engine rankings. These are your customers and Google. 

When you over optimize, it becomes painfully obvious for both your customers and Google. Let’s say you’re trying to sell whitening cream to your customers and your content sounds like this:

“Our company whitening cream is the best whitening cream on the whitening cream market”  

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? And this is just a single sentence with your keyword focus. Can you imagine seeing a dozen of these sentences in a single article or post? That’s bound to turn away a number of customers. 

Quantity Over Quality

This is one of the most common SEO mistakes that are made by smaller businesses. They try to beat some of the bigger companies by outputting more content than is necessary. Not only is this going to hurt your SEO rankings with Google and other search engines, but also annoy your customers.

Not Uploading Enough

This is exactly the opposite of our last SEO mistake. Uploading once a month isn’t going to do you any favors with regards to your rankings, even if your content is the best when it comes to your target audience’s preferences. The best thing to do is to balance out great content with regular uploads that don’t become overly frequent. Just enough to keep people from forgetting you and not too much that they start blocking your newsletter from their inboxes.

Thinking That Your SEO Efforts Will Pay Off Overnight

SEO optimization isn’t something that will drag you from the bottom of the barrel to the top overnight. It takes time and patience to build up your SEO reputation with both your customers and Google. 

The longer you implement good SEO techniques, the more people will come to visit your site and could eventually become customers. Google on the other hand keeps a record of your site’s track record and will adjust your ranking over time. The best thing for you to do at this point is to make sure that you’re doing SEO right and to never get discouraged if you don’t get your desired ranking immediately.

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