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How To Choose The Right SEO Company

SEO Company

There are so many SEO companies today. After all, the market has shifted from physical stores to online shops thanks to mobile-geddon. To recall, mobile-geddon was the shift in Google’s algorithm to put into priority websites optimized for mobile users and localized content and those who didn’t comply with Google’s new standards find their websites […]

Social Media Marketing Solutions for Small Business

Marketing Solutions

Social media marketing is one of the front runners in promoting one’s business. Using social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, they ensure that your voice could be heard and could be found by your target market. You could say that their functions are almost similar to blog marketers wherein they ensure that you […]

Rising Social Media Platforms That You Should Explore For 2016

Social Media Platforms

Sorry social media marketers but Facebook is losing its shine. In fact, the popular social media site isn’t as popular as it was before. Problems when it came to privacy, paid advertisements and image quality led to some unsatisfied users to seek for new platforms. That is why a good social media marketer should always […]

Facebook’s Dislike Button: Is it the Bane of Social Media Marketing?

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After so many clamors, it is finally becoming a reality. Facebook is considering a dislike button. And this is not a drill. In an article by the Chicago Tribune, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the popular social media company is now working on alternatives for its famous Like button during a public Q&A held […]