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4 Tools to Analyze User Experience on Web Pages

In many cases, bad user experiences result in low website performance. Website visitors simply do not want to stay or visit your site again because of the poor design of your web pages. Sadly, it is difficult to identify problems of user experience because they differ depending on each site. With this, it is easier […]

How to Implement Content Optimization on Your Website

Content optimization pertains to the idea of writing and organizing your content in such a way that it will reach the largest audience possible. In this process, you get to make sure that the posts on your website are easy to search and they are accessible to their intended market. While the bulk of content […]

5 Types of Videos to Use on your Social Media Campaigns

Most successful social media campaigns today include videos. Videos allow for more effective customer engagement and persuasion. Much like the power of photographs, videos give the products and services we sell a sense of legitimacy and validity. If you are thinking of starting to use videos in your campaigns, here are some of the most […]

What is an Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content refers to articles, videos, photos, or other materials that can stay fresh and relevant for a long time. These contents are not time-sensitive which means that they do not depend on a particular current event. Also, people consistently read or watch them, which means a stable stream of visitors on your website or […]

5 Common Mistakes in Social Media Management

The task of social media management can be challenging. For beginners, one way to help you learn the job quickly is to avoid committing common mistakes in social media management. Learn how to avoid these mistakes so you can focus on more important tasks.  1. Posting the same content on various platforms Social media managers […]