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5 Common Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make

Blogging is not an easy endeavor. Surely, there will be challenges and difficulties you will have to face. Learning heads on common mistakes that beginner bloggers commonly make is one way to make your blogging journey smoother. Trying to be everything The first step of blogging is finding your niche. First and foremost, you have […]

5 Things to Prepare Before Starting a Blog

Before Starting a Blog

There are many reasons why you would want to start blogging. It can be for business, as a personal diary, for a civic campaign, and many more. Whatever your reason is, you have to prepare these 5 basic and essential things before starting your blog.  Identify your goals Every blog needs a purpose. Before starting […]

How to capture that millennial audience

Capture that Millennial Audience

Whether you like it or not, millennials are the future. Their purchase decisions have been and will continue to define the digital market. They are tech-savvy have become more accustomed to buying online than any of the generations that came before them.  The task of digital marketers now is to lure millennials into liking their […]

Great Ways to Improve Your Online Customer Experience

Great customer experience is an essential part of ensuring that your customers are happy with your products and services. It is especially important in an online marketplace, where all of your customers can share their thoughts with others. But how exactly can you make your online customer experience as best as it can be? Improving […]