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Why Content Marketing is Important

Content Marketing5

One of the top SEO trends that will dominate in 2015 is content marketing. It will always be part of Search Engine Optimization. While SEO can be technical, content marketing will drive more search engine rankings. SEO and content marketing must go together. Your company must have a solid marketing strategy to be visible on […]

Top 7 SEO Trends in 2015


A couple of weeks ago we featured the TOP 7 Online Marketing Trends in 2015. We noted the importance of mobile-optimization, budget on social media marketing will increase, and that content marketing will be bigger. Email marketing will also change while the lines between social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO will be blurred. Next […]

TOP 7 Online Marketing Trends in 2015

Top 7 Online Marketing Trends in 2015

It’s only a few weeks and 2014 will draw to an end. Another year is about to close. Another year is about to start. We’re grateful for the past year because of our many successes and we here at OIR couldn’t be more thankful and prouder that our clients have been part of our many […]

9 Best Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest is the No. 1 social media for women today. It started as a mobile app but has since been used as a place for collection, storage, sharing, and visual discovery. Pinterest users create, pin on their boards, and share them with others as visual bookmarks. Pinterest also developed into an effective marketing tool. Whenever […]

DOs and DON’Ts of Facebook Social Marketing

DOs and DON’Ts of Facebook Social Marketing

Aside from Twitter as an effective social media marketing strategy, Facebook is also one of the easiest ways to bring traffic to your company. Most companies from different industries rely on Facebook to get the word out as thousands to millions of people are logging into the social network. The potential ROI from Facebook marketing […]

15 Twitter for Social Media Marketing Tips

Among the Top 8 SEO Trends Ruling this 2014, we mentioned that social media still plays a big role in traffic referrals. This means Twitter is still important for businesses. Companies should consider having an account or several accounts to attract a following. With Twitter, businesses can extend online networking, therefore, more potential clients that […]

TOP 8 SEO Trends Ruling in 2014

We shared with you the new SEO Trends earlier this year. We’re now on the second half of 2014 and we’ve observed some more changes within the Internet marketing industry. We took note of content marketing getting bigger and more helpful this year that is why our clients now have regularly updated blogs. Blogging is […]

11 Reasons Why Blogging is Important For Your Business

Back in March, we told you about the Top SEO Trends in 2014. We said press release links, as well as, guest posts and article directory links would have lower value this year. The trend now is for websites and companies to provide quality content. When we say content, these are not just written for […]

Use Twitter to Reach Influential People in Your Industry

Make no mistake about it, if you are not using Twitter properly, you are doing your business a disservice. Twitter is one of the most powerful online marketing platforms ever built. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people that tried to use Twitter can’t seem to figure it out. Most people don’t realize that Twitter is […]

Use Social Media Management For Optimal Brand Management

Your website’s biggest asset is not the content of your site. It is not your site’s logo or design. It is not even the community of users that have sprung up around your website’s content and credibility. Your biggest asset transcends all these and other elements. These are just parts that add up to a […]