The Common Misconceptions about SEO that can Hurt Your Business

As digital marketers, we are all aware of how important search engine optimization (SEO) is. It can generally determine the ranking of your website and the overall success of your digital marketing. With this, it is safe to say that SEO should be an integral part of every digital marketing strategy and campaign. However, business [...]

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How can Social Media Boost your SEO?

Business owners that are new to digital marketing often mistake SEO and social media as separate entities. These two are actually working in tandem. Nowadays, social media engagement provides the search engines an external validation of the value of a certain webpage. This means what works well for social media works also for SEO. Here [...]

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What to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency? (Part 2)

In choosing the best SEO agency, you should make sure to take your time to assess its credibility and performance. While you’re at it, it’s better to ask more questions to have a better understanding of what your SEO agency can offer. Continuing from the previous post, here are some more questions recommended to ask [...]

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What to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency? (Part 1)

Hiring the right SEO agency can mean bringing harmony in your company website that makes it more efficient in attaining positive results. Choosing the wrong one could be a disaster. If you really want your business to succeed, you need to understand the importance of hiring the best SEO agency. “First impressions last”, as the [...]

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SEO: Is It Dead? How Does It Remain Key to Internet Marketing Success?

Critics claim that because of some various aspects of the newer trends and technologies today, search engine optimization (SEO) is dead. Let’s see if you’ll agree to disagree. Question: Is SEO dead? More likely, everyone is saying that SEO is dead because it has evolved so much now compared to how it was the first [...]

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Is SEO still relevant? (Part 2)

( Part 2 | Continued from last week: Content Marketing Strategy For SEO and Beyond) Is SEO still relevant? Of course it is! Here are a few SEO tips you can follow while doing your content marketing strategies: Don’t repeat keyword phrases over and over again Include keyword phrases on relevant places like page title, headline, [...]

10 Essential Content Marketing Predictions this 2015

In 2014, we understood why content marketing is important. It was also last year when content became the more popular and began to be an effective marketing strategy for most brands. This 2015, content marketing is expected to be maximized and bring significant returns on investment. We learned that content marketing will be an important [...]

Quick Tips to Effective Content Marketing

No doubt Content Marketing will be bigger this year. It’s one of the Top 7 SEO Trends this 2015 and we understand why content marketing is important. Online marketers believe that it will drive more search engine rankings this year especially if it is done together with search engine optimization. A solid marketing strategy is [...]

How to Create Killer Content for Marketing

How can we create killer content for marketing? It’s the start of a new year, which means we need to gear up and plan our online marketing strategies for our company and our clients. I think we would all agree that content creation is the most effective SEO right now. It’s more affordable, costing 62% [...]