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Types of Content to Boost Your Business: Part 2

If you already have blogs and videos hanging around in your website and you are still looking for other ways to increase your website’s performance, here are other content formats to consider. INFOGRAPHICS Infographics are also among the most frequently shared content online. Along with videos, infographics can also present information in an easier, visual [...]

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Types of Content to Boost Your Business: Part 1

Nowadays, everyone would have to agree that content marketing is key in promoting your business and generating more leads. In the recent years, it has quickly evolved from just being a marketing tool into a marketing standard. It can be safe to say that deciding to invest in content marketing can be a really wise [...]

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Is SEO still relevant? (Part 2)

( Part 2 | Continued from last week: Content Marketing Strategy For SEO and Beyond) Is SEO still relevant? Of course it is! Here are a few SEO tips you can follow while doing your content marketing strategies: Don’t repeat keyword phrases over and over again Include keyword phrases on relevant places like page title, headline, [...]

Content Marketing Strategy For SEO and Beyond (Part 1)

We all know how content marketing can be helpful to a company’s SEO and advertising efforts. It’s one of the 10 Essential Content Marketing Predictions this 2015 with content marketing providers focusing more on solutions partner. There are numerous quick tips to effective content marketing and some ways to create killer content for marketing. Content [...]

5 Ways to Integrate Social Media Across Marketing Channels

One of the Top 7 SEO Trends in 2015 is that Google, as the top search engine, will look at social signals from Facebook and Twitter. Content Marketing will be bigger this year but social media marketing will still be as effective and beneficial. Most brands outsource the social media team but it is highly [...]

10 Essential Content Marketing Predictions this 2015

In 2014, we understood why content marketing is important. It was also last year when content became the more popular and began to be an effective marketing strategy for most brands. This 2015, content marketing is expected to be maximized and bring significant returns on investment. We learned that content marketing will be an important [...]

Quick Tips to Effective Content Marketing

No doubt Content Marketing will be bigger this year. It’s one of the Top 7 SEO Trends this 2015 and we understand why content marketing is important. Online marketers believe that it will drive more search engine rankings this year especially if it is done together with search engine optimization. A solid marketing strategy is [...]

Why Content Marketing is Important

One of the top SEO trends that will dominate in 2015 is content marketing. It will always be part of Search Engine Optimization. While SEO can be technical, content marketing will drive more search engine rankings. SEO and content marketing must go together. Your company must have a solid marketing strategy to be visible on [...]

TOP 7 Online Marketing Trends in 2015

It’s only a few weeks and 2014 will draw to an end. Another year is about to close. Another year is about to start. We’re grateful for the past year because of our many successes and we here at OIR couldn’t be more thankful and prouder that our clients have been part of our many [...]

9 Best Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest is the No. 1 social media for women today. It started as a mobile app but has since been used as a place for collection, storage, sharing, and visual discovery. Pinterest users create, pin on their boards, and share them with others as visual bookmarks. Pinterest also developed into an effective marketing tool. Whenever [...]